Thursday, January 17, 2008

One of my Favorite Shops and a Message

People are always asking me what my favorite quilt shops are. I have a nice little list. This is the "Buggy Barn" and Sisters Pam and Janet own it. It is on a farm along with dogs and cows and hay and all of the Washington scenery. They have too much to buy. I try to abstain from going to often as I can't help myself when I go there. They both have the best eye for color! Usually they sell country style packets and fabulous patterns and books. They often order my bright fabrics when they come out and I love the look of the brights with the browns, cheddars and funky greens and pinks they carry. If you want a lovely experince, visit the Buggy Barn which is close to the airport in Spokane. You might hit them on a day they have homemade cookies and hot coffee. In August (the last week), they have an awesome quilt show.

There is so much to see in this space and they even have quilts on the ceiling.
To all my friends in 2007 who sent me promises of Good Luck if I forwarded something, ...... it DID NOT WORK!!!!!
For 2008, ...... could you please just send either money, flowers, chocolate or gas vouchers.
Thanks so much. :0)
Cheery Week to YOU,
Mary Lou


Roseann said...

I've wanted to go to the Buggy Barn for a million years! Jan and Pam {and Ron, too!} are fun to talk to ... I imagine their shop is just like them. And yes ... your fabrics look fabulous with the darker colors ... that little pop that brings them to life.

CONNIE W said...

I am fairly certain I would have a wallet-emptying experience in that quilt shop! And I love your sense of humor...ha ha ha ha ha ha! You're wonderful!

Carol said...

Gosh, Mary Lou!

I've enjoyed visiting the Buggy Barn online but never realized it is right in your back yard! I love looking at their patterns and quilts - and I love the red and white barn 'look' of their shop - and they have cows, too? Sounds like heaven on earth to me!

The next email I receive that promise all sorts of magic and fortunes or surprises - if I would only forward it on to a dozen friends. . . I hope I will remember what you said - I will use it in a reply. It made me smile! Thanks for the fun start for my Thursday.

Now, off to work with me!
Hoochy hugs,
Carol in Fair Oaks, CA

Karen in Tucson said...

I agree - no forwarding messages, just fun things!!!

Would love to visit the Buggy Barn - looks like so much fun!!

Karen in Tucson

Alison-My Little Stitching Corner said...

I am hoping to visit this store this summer. Everytime I see it's picture I want to jump in my car and head there. Bit of a drive though!!