Friday, January 04, 2008

Please share below and start the year by giving

Please share your CANDY (penny or otherwise) memories as a kid in the comment section below. I have heard from many of you via email and my website. I would love some of these to be shared in the comment section. Thanks so much for giving and letting others smile because of it.
HAPPY New Year,
Mary Lou


Anonymous said...

I loved the candy dots on the paper (like register tape). I would buy them at a store down the street from my Elementary School and eat them on the way home. I can not imagine why I thought that they were good since I probably ate more paper than sugar!


Sherry said...

Mary Lou thanks for starting off the New Year with such a fun topic! I answered in the previous post what my favorite candies were but I didn't share that my Grandpa owned a Shell station from the late 50s to the early 70s. Yes, the kind where they pumped your gas and washed your windshield! LOL They had a candy machine & it was one of those where you put the coins in & pulled out that thingy & the candy dropped, I'd always ask Grandpa to buy me Chuckles. LOL Fond memories. Those were the days!