Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A smiling angel that is a perfect quilt to hang on the wall and share. Do you love angels" Has it evered occured to you how many different kinds of quilts you can do with this subject? That's the why of story quilt workshops. I help YOU be original!

Happy Cats are often the subject of a person's story- how many quilters have and love cats? Loads of them!

Flowers and leaves make for a great quilt if you know the secrets to a good stash....this is something alot of teachers fall short on. Seven fabric personlities and you need some of each!

Why do a boring bird if you can do something fun and use some good graphics and some light giver fabrics? If you don't know the secret to light giver fabric, you are missing out. Take a workshop this year (sheck my schedule) and find out how to make your quilts more dynamtic and winners also!

Flowers and little birds are a Happy "given"
Hey, and do you know the secret to using cheddars and why everyone should have it in their stash? You should...especially now with color being so highlighted.

Just thought I would share some color for create in 08! I am in love with the colors this year. Can't wait until spring to see what's out there, though I think I already know. :0)
For workshops in your area please check my schedule on the left of any page on my website. www.marylouquiltdesigns.com
I would LOVE to see you in Jonesborough TN in March at the oldest town in TN and the coolest old buildings, history, antiques and cool people. I will be doing a four day story quilt class and a one day Flower Power class. This shop is loaded with fabulous fabrics!
I am also doing a workshop for Amidon's in Poway (Temcula retreat house). You can find info on the website.
IN 80 YEARS WHAT WILL PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU PERSONALLY FROM THE QUILTS AND ART WORK YOU DO? I encourage telling who you love, what interests you, your friends, your city and your family and your job and home etc. Hope you take me up on this and come join us for wonderful eye opening experiences. If your quilt gets finished by this Fall, I would love to include it in my new Creativity book.
Watch for more images...
Happy Tuesday,
Mary Lou

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