Sunday, January 06, 2008

Create in 08 and things to think about....

Stasi Wilson my friend always has the right idea when it comes to life and Story quilts. We have shared time sewing each year at Asilomar for at least 9 or ten years. It is lovely sewing with someone who has a good phylosophy on life. Hang out with happy people if you want to be happy too! And YOU can be a happy, positive friend to pass it along to your friends as well.

Reaching for your eyes first of all and don't say "NO" to color, shapes and FUN.

Hey, remember watching the test patterns as kid? Now that I look at this image it is pretty cool. I guess you could call it "iconic"...who ever heard that word ten years back? You may have heard it but I bet you didn't use that word. :0)

This is a pig teapot I gave my daughter when she got engaged. The look on these dancing pigs is priceless. Anyone can drink tea out of an expensive teapot but how many make you smile?

Diana from Spokane made this cake as an order for her shop "Happy Cakes" (is this a great name of what?). It is made of fondant, & I thought it was great.

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