Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I LOVE COWS, they are funny and have beautiful eyes...have you noticed?

These first two photos are of Barbara and I from her home when I stayed there in TX. They raise long horn steers which scare the heck out of a city girl such as myself. Thos horns hurt. But they are cute and kind of fun to fee. Barbara is head honcho for Quilting Adventures in TX and ir is a number one conference if you are looking for somewhere first class to attend. There are NO cows there so you don't have to worry.

I am enjoying feeding these sweet hearts.

Someone sent me this photo of this amazing cow...look close at his markings...


Karen in Tucson said...

That is definitely one well painted cow!!! I had one as a kid who had Australia upside down on one side! Fortunately I got to go to the real Australia.
Karen in Tucson

Leavenworth Robin said...

"His" markings meaning Utters! HA HA Ha Yeah The whole world on HER back! She must be Atlasa!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Yes, they do have kind eyes - very sweet! Have you made a cow quilt? A black and white quilt with cow patches would be really cute and commemorate your time in Texas.

Anywho, love the pics!!!!