Sunday, October 24, 2010

This is what a good swap can create!

Quilt above by Mari Linfesty using the Flower Power book....and look what she is using for her borders below! This is what Mary Lou's chatroom swaps are all about! Well done Mari! So I often talk to my students about what all they can create using the Hoochy/flower power books. And I give patterns out sometimes for fun. Well, in my chatroom, I gave out a bee pattern and 12 girls signed up to make 12 bees and to swap them. Then the idea was to make a one of a kind quilt with the bees. Mari Linfesty my friend who I often brag about took her 12 bees from chatroom friends and bordered the quilt above. I think it is wonderful! We just completed sign up's for fall Owls from a pattern I gave out. In a couple of months or so, I will have a winter pattern to hand out. If you are interested in our fun and most creative chatroom, You may join us by going to and typing in Marylouweidman or MaryLouandYou. And give Mari a big hand for being quick and creative and fun!
Please read the post below for great information, something to think about and a chance to win something if you comment.


Jackie said...

Love those bee blocks!! Too cute!

Duff said...

Fabulous! this is exactly the type of bee I'm looking for! See you at yahoogroups!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful swap blocks, that is a fun idea.
I have done a signature swap, still need to decide how to do them. I was thinking of making houses and putting the blocks in as windows.


Sandi said...

Mary Lou,

Thanks so much for the great bee pattern that you shared with us.

Hosting the swap was fun, as soon as I can get around better I will be getting my bees together in a top.

Thanks for the owl pattern, can't wait to make mine and send them off to swap.

Allie said...

LOVE it! Your Flower Power book is on my wish list - I have the Hoochy Mama book and love it. Thanks for the info about your yahoo group, I just signed up!