Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OK, Here is your chance to make a wonderful FRENCH Memory- come with me!

Can you imagine doing a journal out of fabric of this? Is this wonderful or what?
Above is the Farmhouse where we will be staying, note the lavendar and flowers and darling turquoise shutters-already I see things to sketch for my first journal page!
So I want to share what you could be doing with me next summer as we tour and do painted and small appliqued quilts about our trip like little journals. Once they are painted, we add floss of beautiful colors on top and beads for texture. Fabulous and a good art representation of our adventure. Think you aren't an artist? Let me prove you wrong! One lady is going to take a blouse apart and bring it to journal on it and sew it together later on to wear and share her trip! I plan to do a small appliqued hanging for my entry Hall and then paint some journal pieces (easy and I will teach you!) to either be little quilts or pillows on your sofas or other pieces of furniture. GREAT fun and creativity!
Here is what Bev our main hostess has to say about our trip!
Petit Rousset, which you will call home during the Workshop, is a 17thcentury farmhouse and grange (barn) that we have restored and renovated.Each large guest room has a private bathroom and a second sink tuckedinto a corner.That means that EACH roommate has her own sink - which make'sgetting ready for each day's activities so much faster!We will provide a change of sheets and towels mid-stay.The bathrooms will be tidied and waste baskets emptied every other day.We'll have Breakfast in the Dining Room and Dinner on the Terrace.Our Daily Buffet Breakfast includes:Coffee or TeaFruit JuiceFresh FruitDried FruitBreads and baked goods with butter, jams and jelliesCerealTwo types of protein - cheese and ham OR cheese and hard boiled eggsOR ham and hard boiled eggsDinner - a sample menu:Salad with Chevre Chaud (green salad with a slice or two of meltedgoat cheese on toasts - a French classic and delicious)Roast chicken with ratatouille (sauted zucchini, eggplant, red & greenbell peppers, onions and tomatoes)Tarte Tatin (apple pie)All served with regional wine.As you know, we'll be in France for Bastille Day (14 July).We'll gather with locals to watch the fireworks display over theDordogne River.The fireworks are amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen.We're also going to the Annual Basket Fair in the tiny village ofIssigeac.The fair is held once a year, on the Sunday after Bastille Day.Basket makers from all over France (and elsewhere) come to the fair toshow their baskets and demonstrate their basket making skills.Each basket has a specific purpose and particular weave.It is my absolute favorite fair of all - and the baskets are simply exquisite.You'll see the ones I've been purchasing over the years as I have them displayed throughout the farmhouse. Sunflowers and lavendar will be at full bloom for colorful photos and great sniffs while you enjoy the area. Antique shops and things to see and look at as well as things to bring home if you wish.
Although I'm not a travel agent, if you have questions about travel,I'm happy to try to answer them.For people stopping in Paris on the way to or from the workshop, I amhappy to recommend hotels where I have stayed in Paris.At the beginning of the workshop, we meet you in Bordeaux.No airline flies directly from the United States to Bordeaux.Depending upon which airline you fly - you will fly into a Europeangateway city and then onto Bordeaux.(Lufthansa flies into Frankfurt or Munich and then to Bordeaux; KLMflies to Amsterdam and then to Bordeaux, Iberia flies to Madrid andthen to Bordeaux, Air France and any US airlines (United, Delta, etc)flies to Paris and then to Bordeaux.)If you are flying into Paris and planning to stay there a few daysbefore the workshop, you might want to consider taking the fast train(TGV) from Paris to Bordeaux.At the conclusion of the workshop, we take you to BergeracFrom Bergerac you can take a train back to Bordeaux or on to Paris ortake the train in the opposite direction to explore other parts ofFrance, or rent a car and continue your travels that way.There is also an airport in Bergerac and you can fly from there to anumber of European destinations.Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.REMEMBER TO SIGN UP BY JANUARY 31, 2011 TO SAVE $100.Rosemary and Mary Lou are planning a wonderful workshop and we lookforward to welcoming you to the south of France.A bientot (See you soon!)BeverlyBeverly Held, Ph.D.DirectorSF Seminars - Le Petit RoussetUSA:(1)415.933.9799FR: 33.(0)5 53 22 05
Does this sound exciting or what? I have an excellent travel agent that I have used for years when I go to Europe and I am happy to share her name and email with anyone who is interested. Personally I like to go into Munich, spend a day there enjoying the main squarem have dinner go to bed and grab the train to Bordeaux. I have gone on the fast train from both Munich and Paris on different trips and it is alot of fun, clean and exciting! This will surely be something you can remember and be remembered for with the artwork we plan to do as we relax and enjoy the five senses around us!


Wendy said...

Beautiful! So wish it were possible, but I'll just have to live vicariously :) Joyology .... love, love, love it!! That's what I love most about your work, how bright and happy it seems :) Thanks !

Maree in NC :-) said...

That will be an awesome trip!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Sounds wonderful! But I've vowed to see Ireland before I die. Better save the $$$$ for that trip.