Friday, October 15, 2010


I love all quilts and I thought this was just lovely in so many ways....wish it was mine-there is still time to go to the show this weekend!
Each basket was done in a beautiful way...would love time to do something like this but not now
Here is a quilt that someone did using my "Chicken Soup" designs and her own setting. It still would have been nice if she had said she used my pattern as an inspiration....she didn't. I do love the quilt though--
The quilter below was in charge of the HUGE show and she is still smiling. This is Kathy Wood who is my quilter and quilts most everything I do here in Spokane. She is very patient with me.
Karen Brown is below (I must have been nervous and moved the camera-sorry_) she is a lovely person and oh so talented with her quilting!
The featured quilter was Karen Brown who is an awesome quilter. Look at her stitches in the quilt below and above! This quilt was darling and a pattern from Quiltmaker inspired the quilter.Isn't it cute?
The quilt below was very graphic and had alot of details that were wonderful. You can't tell but the quilting was excellent also. Very different and unique and I love that!
I once did a box of chocolates for one of my quilts about my Grandmother and now I am inspired to do another one....I love this little quilt!
I thought the quilt below was very funny and oh so true for some of us.....
The nice thing about the Spokane show is there are always around 600 quilts and tons of merchants and the quilts are great and it is honestly one of the best quilt shows in the US. I should know, I go to loads of them every year. Talk about variety and nice quilters. It is always in oct and you really should attend sometime. You wouldn't be sorry.
Many of you who have heard my lecture know my funny story about my puff quilt I made 28 years ago. I had to get a photo of this for a memory if nothing else.
I do not know this man but what a great quilt and a memory about him....lovely
Did you ever go to a shooting range? I think this quilt is one of the coolest ones I have ever seen. It is part of one of the Hoffman challenges and it gets my vote for the winner in every way!
Rick rack always improves a quilt!
As usual there were some very funny quilts too
This had tons and tons of quilting and just the part you see is about a full size quilt and it is probably queen size with the part I didn't get in-it is huge! Someone LOVES Lions
I adored this border of the quilt below...isn't it lovely?
I love historical quilts and this one was a beauty and they gave Sue Garman credit-she lives in Texas and is a very talented designer
This is one of those quilts that in person, you could not get far back from it and it was loud and busy and once I took a photo and could look at it calmly as one quilt, I adored it!
I adored the white beads as an embellishment here since I use loads of beads on my quilts!
Isn't this the perfect quilt for any little boys room? I loved this!
He who doesn't love little boy's turcks? Last year I created a whole line of fabric for Benartex that was called "Where the Boys are". It had alot of trucks that look similar to this and I thought would be so much fun for little boys quilts and pillowcases!


WoolenSails said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the quilt show, so many beautiful pieces and such creative ideas.


Maree in NC :-) said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures of the quilt show! :~D

Sandi said...

Great photos Mary Lou,

I love how the rick rack was incorporated to show movement in that one quilt.

Would love to come and see that show one day.

Carol said...

Thanks so much, Mary Lou!
What a beautiful show! I'd like one of those chocolate quilts, too. Now I have an idea of how to use some of the lace I inherited from my mom's stash.

Lynda said...

I was raised in Spokane and my sister still lives in the Valley. We went to the quilt show last year and you are is one of the best. My sister finally sat in a wheelchair and I pushed her around to see all the quilts! I love Karen's star quilt. It looks like a Buggy Barn pattern.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!


Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Wow! What an amazing quilt show! It would be impossible to choose a favorite from the ones you've shared. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

Wendy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your photos! I wasn't able to make it over for this year's show so really appreciate your sharing! Lovely !! Thanks!!

Rebecka said...

Beautifull quilts! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Bert in Rice, WA said...

The Spokane show is always amazing. The depth and breadth of talent in the inland northwest is staggering.

I recognized my Colville friend Vera's hen/rooster Kiss and Tell quilt. Her work is always amazing, and she does the most unbelievable quilting using a domestic sewing machine.