Monday, October 11, 2010

Cupcakes get the candy treatment as we carve...we also had skeleton suckers, candies that looked like ears, mouths, brains, noses, fingers and feet as well as crackers and cheese, popcorn, and oozing candy that has juice in the pieces....perfect for boys who love adventure and fun-the girls passed on some of the stuff...... Above was my Granddaughter's work of art that she ate. :0)
This is what the scary pumpkin looked like before he dropped it on the floor! An older red pepper that was shriveling in the refrig. was the perfect fix for this pumpkin that needed a new nose! And the good news is that it will be even more shriveled by Halloween!
Below is MacGregor's pumpkin before the nose was carved....he wanted a scary skeleton looking pumpkin to rival his cousin's-those boys! This is before the nose broke when he dropped it
These two pumpkins were the work of my Granddaughters who loved the "normal" look of Jack' too! Haha Love the arched eyebrows that make the one on the left look joyful! Just like my Grandkids!
Can you tell this is a boys pumpkin? Fiendish and eats little people......
In case you didn't read the earlier blog, last week we went to the pumpkin farm and this week I was at home after church and had four of my Grandchildren over for lunch and carving and fun.
The day was lovely though it rained outside we created warmth and love inside and memories....such fun to be with young kids. Hey, if you want to stay young at heart and joyful, hang out with a room full of happy kids. That's my best advice.


Patty said...

Hang out with kids! That's the truth! They keep you young and in touch!

Fun Jack-o-lantern faces! What a nice way to use a rainy day! And ? what is it with the guys is right! Even now my husband carves a scary face, while as I do a cute one!

Maree in NC :-) said...

Those jack-o-lanters and cupcakes are so fun! Your grandchildren will remember that special afternoon forever! :~)

Kathy said...

ha ha ha ha.....those pumpkins are great!!!