Thursday, October 28, 2010

Part 2-Tahoe has so much to offer and beauty isn't the only plus there

Our friend Candy from Oregon did a story quilt. I think it was her Grandmother that used to say "Full Moon, Full Moon, Fill My Empty Purse." She has the yarn, the books, the cat and dog and nothing but fun and happiness and a memory saved for generations to come. I think this is a true winner for so many ways. If you have a story, make a quilt! By the way, the money on the quilt above is from fabric. Candy did not print her own money. :0)
Below,Tina is working on a Flower Power quilt so she can teach it at her local shop. Loved the colors and the fun-isn't that bird a riot? She has been doing Hoochy things for a long time and she is good at it and the story quilts she makes.
In case you missed the last post, one of my classes had a friend named Cherise who moved to Tahoe and suggested another get together. She made the arrangements and contacts and joila! A week to remember. Thank you Cherise!
Kathy C. worked on her Halloween cat quilt with hoochy pieced stars-very vintage and funI loved the border in Candy's story quilt-I think her flower pot is excellent and fun!
I have never seen such clear water as at Lake Tahoe-all the way around you can see the bottom and it is so lovely.
This is a quilt I am working on about my family flying to South Dakota for vacation one summer
This room was so colorful with everyone's projects and it looked sad when we all left
Below is Miss Candy putting her GrandMother together for her wonderful story quilt! Below are Mel's blocks for a cowboy quilt-Her Dad always calls the little kids "cowboy" and so she took that theme and is doing a wonderful story quilt of memories
Below is Deb's stash to work with. She is the tidiest quilter I know and always has a fab stash too!
This was the beginning of Molly's wonderful Halloween quilt- she ended up doing hoochy letters all the way around the outside and it made this a cool quilt to be used over and over!
Here are Kathy C. from Atlanta and Candy hard at work....and in the back De and Sue
Kathy Sandling with one of her beautiful Flower Power blocks
Linzee packs up to leave on the plane to Iowa.
Every one of these girls makes dozens of quilts a year and do alot for charity. It is lovely to be together with people who have good hearts, find the positive in each other, refrain from gossip,
appreciate others, bring recipes, love family,stay positive, love God's gift of beauty in nature, give freely (information, borrowing and a neat fairy gift that doesn't have to break the bank), laugh, enjoy invention, love "aha' moments, and just enjoy being. And you know, a hug and a backrub now and then was pretty special too! What else could you want?
Is it any wonder I had a nice time too?


WoolenSails said...

Your classes and retreats are so fun and so many talented ladies with a lot of imagination. Enjoyed the quilt show.


beth said...

looks like fun! Tina's quilt is especially nice.

Duff said...

love it, love it, love it. That settles it: I am saving my tax return and coming to a retreat. I guess I'd better get going on a stash...

Maree in NC :-) said...

Mary Lou, you have been a blessing to so many people and it truly shows in their happy quilts!

Pam said...

what a fun time.. love seeing pics and creativity!!!

Allie said...

Love those quilts- and yes, the birds are wonderful! I'd love to take a class with you.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your retreat looks like so much fun. I love Candy's quilt. Tina's flowers are great. You are that bird! Great pictures. Wish I could be there. I like Duff's those tax returns! LOL

Sandi said...


I love how Cindy printed the money! Did she also print the letters for her grandmother's saying?

They are just wonderful, what a great creative group to be a part of. Thanks for the pictures.