Friday, October 01, 2010

I bet you never thought of matching your candy that you are eating to your fabrics you are using....these smart Michigan girls did! I am finishing up the photos I had from Michigan (Lansing) even though I just got back from Santa Clara. Stay tuned and I will add that story this week. Just wanted to show you how creative the Michigan people are. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!
The beginning of a pretty happy posie quilt!The class actually did a herd of turtles but I didn't get the photo-pretty cute though.....

Flowers with long stems make us smile and some curved piecing doesn't hurt either!

Birds from the Flower Power book are always creative and fun! Imagine a whole quilt!

I loved these quilts shown at the Showcase in Michigan....

I thought the Hoffman challenge samples this time were wonderful! Very creative and inventive.

Isn't the light in this quilt wonderful? The quilting is stunning and so is the appliqueIsn't this feather wonderful? This quilt was my most favorite for many reasons-Wonderful!

The effects with this are wonderful and she does look like she is flying....

This is a wool piece I loved though I could not use these colors-I love them though, don't you?

These little story quilts were right up my alley....I think this is a wonderful thing to do with a child don't you? Don't you wish you had many of these from your childhood about your loves and wishes? I do. I had so many dreams and fun things I like to do. This was at the show in Michigan


WoolenSails said...

Love the kids quilts and the candy colors.
I really love those challenge quilts, the train is my favorite and the kitty is my other favorite, for the fun and whimsey and great use of fabrics.


Sandi said...

The pieced blocks in the bodies of the bee quilt are just amazing. What a wonderful job that quilter did!

Fun hoochy mama blocks Mary Lou.

Glad you are home again.

Terry said...

Those kids' quilts were wonderful. I chuckled over their comments!

Chris said...

Wow, Great post. I love the free pieced flowers and turtles. I'm so glad you stopped by and introduced your self last week.