Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Part I- A Reunion at Lake Tahoe with Friends (Classmates) from the Past-Perfectly Wonderful in Every Way

So, last week fifteen nice girls all got together for a Mary Lou reunion class. Our friend Cherise moved to Tahoe and suggested we have a class reunion to get everyone together again. I loved the idea.
It is always easier if someone gets the group together and does the leg work and then I show up.
All of these girls have taken several story quilt classes. It was great fun being together with all positive NICE girls who had a ball sewing and laughing and enjoying our passion for quilting, fabric and joyology.
The block above is a piece from Cherise's story quilt about a girl and her collections.
Here is our happy group all together and hoping to do this again sometime.
Below is Candy's wonderful dog quilt! Her dog and husband love it!
Below is Debby's quilt of wovens and some prints...I love this and want to make one too! Think of this quilted with cool quilt things on it!
Kathy is making three of these quilts for friends-the centers are polka dots-hand dyed-I want on her list!Here Miss Deb suggests we replace our tiaras with a daisy........hmmmmmm
Below is Kathy's quilt which I took before she made more changes-it is a story quilt about her dogs, her garden and a blimp-Kathy S. also did all of the flower power flowers in great fabrics!
Here is Carol working on one of the many projects she brought. Carol does many good deeds and makes charity things as well as darling things for herself. Isn't her smile enchanting?
Here is Deb's story quilt that is all ready to go with the freezer paper fitting the places perfectly. Now she will take each piece and iron it on the right side of the fabric and stitch! Wonderful! Here is Lynn having a granola bar for a snack-she is cute even when she eats-note the leopard skin pin cushion- it is a fairy gift from Tina (who had a gift a day for us)-she out did herself Is it any wonder we love the Red Hut in Tahoe? They are joyologists too! This is the ice cream section of the restaurant.This is Judy at the Red hut-Judy is a story quilter and does many other quilts well and she is a total ham and she really makes me and all of us laugh!
Here is Linzee with her flower quilt all put together and sewn and ready for the borders.
Molly did the Happy Jack quilt in the background and she did the hoochy lettering that will be in the "Out of the Box Blocks" book by Mel McFarland and I in July!Linzee added a lovely border and it makes a lovely finish to this great quilt!Mel's Flower Power story quilt that is a gift for her sister! Lovely
De shows off her baby quilt she made- darling use of fun fabric! De's a dollThis is Sue with her computer bag she made with all of the bells and whistles
Carol made many sets of these darling little booties for a baby and family in crisis Lynne, Nancy,Kathy C. ,Candy and I went for a walk...beautiful day, happy girls!
Debby shows off her Kaffe quilt and the other side was equally as wonderful
Surprising Cherise with a photo of her working on a project
Miss Tina provided us with cherry napkins-guess who loves cherries!

By the way, if you live close to Wisconsin, Michigan etc., then next October I am doing a five day story quilt class on Madilyn Island in the Apostle Islands in Northern Wisconsin. It is going to be beautiful there and I will have all kinds of new ideas and things to show! Watch for information here soon.


Allie said...

Joyology - I love it - this post is full of it! Love ALL the quilts!

West Michigan Quilter said...

What wonderful pictures. Sure wish I could have taken part. I really seeing all the pictures but the one that helped me the most was the one with the freezer paper. Helps me to see how I can plan out my story quilt. Thanks for sharing.