Saturday, July 25, 2009

Surprises on my quilts and in my Garden!

So, I am still working on my quilter's castle quilt and as you can see I have added Repunzel, a man reaching out for her falling off of a tree and six birds (for my six Grandchildren). It is turning out quite wonderful and is so much fun to dream up these things, add them and bring

Above is my cousin Lance and his wife Linda on the left just home from Zambia to visit for a day (I see him once a year) he and his wife work in Namibia, Zambia and South Africa to fight AIDS (this is their year number eleven and they had only planned on staying one year). They are so much fun and I want them home but admire them for their work. On the right is my cousin Carl and his wife Sherry (from Coeur d'Alene) who are planning their daughters wedding next month where we will all meet on a boat on Lake Coeur d'Alene for the exciting event. Can't wait to see more cousins, Aunts and family. We have been close for many years.

So as you can see there are flowers of all kinds growing up around my bottle trees and filling in my garden. So much fun!

Here is one bottle tree I showed you not long ago and you can barely see the bottles but they once you can see leave a blue cast on these is quite wonderful.

So I have always loved this yellow birdhouse that has had many little birds build nests inside for their little babies. Upon further inspection, I noticed the birds left and we had new neighbors.
YIKES! Mark has now moved the bees elsewhere and we plan to clean the birdhouse out so the birds will come back and the bees will find some place other than this house.

I love this fountain that I bought with my very first Benartex check. I will always love the way this looks and sounds and many little quail were hatched underneath it.

The large lump of greenery on the left of this photo is a big church birdhouse- long ago covered by large leaves. I still see little birds sneaking in there and not being detected by the cats that love to come and play in my yard.
More of the ever changing flowers in the back.
The sign that you see above is beneath this trumpet one can see the sign that says "Don't Pick the Flowers." They don't pick them anyway. Unless a Grandchild wants to get your attention....that is a good way to get me to notice them. :0)

Like you don't work when you garden....but it is fun work!

A better view of my large church birdhouse that you would never know was under there. I would cut it back if not for the fact of the bird family that is in there to be obviously hiding. The only problem? Watering without getting the birds wet. :0)
Today Mel comes to town, we are going to Idaho to see where I am doing my retreats next year and then on to the river to see my children. Tomorrow early we will leave for Whidey and meet Island and meet up with our other gal friends for sewing, laughing and eating. It is always an adventure. Stay tuned for photos of this beautiful place.


Sandi said...

what a lovely backyard that you have Mary Lou. Thanks for sharing them all.

I like your yellow two storey birdhouse at the back right of one of your photos.

It sounds like you have a busy summer lined up, remember to take some time to enjoy yourself.

Enjoy the cool island breezes on Whidbey Island.

Sandi in New Westminster. B.C.

Robin Hill Quilts said...

Your garden is an inspiration to me! Little by little....And your quilts! Just so colorful and fantastic in design! I will check back soon~

WoolenSails said...

I wish I had the time and energy to make a garden like yours. I think I would get lost in there and never come out;) Love your newest addition to your quilt. I notice that the background is quilted? Do you make your backgrounds and quilt them and then add the appliques?


Gwendie said...

I love your garden!!! I'm just starting mine and so enjoy seeing pictures like these. I know I want a bird house and bird bath but I'm not sure about plants or paths or other ornaments. Yours looks wonderful!!! Have a wonderful time while you're gone.

rubyhaze said...

Hi, Mary Lou,
It's sure fun to see the new additions to your quilt! Thanks for the photos of your beautiful cottagey yard. it's a magical place. Have fun w/ you friends at Whidbey Island. :)

Sharon S said...

Mary Lou-Yet another post from you that brings a smile to my face! I love all the bird houses. The flowers are fabulous! No beauty bark manicured flower beds at my house either! Have a nice time on Whidbey!

beth said...

i love the pics of your garden! my husband works hard on ours and i'm so thankful i can enjoy the flowers and green things - because of HIM. (i do water once in a while:)