Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sharing photos from friends is always fun! Check these out!

This wonderful quilt by Peggy Baldwin hung at the Sisters quilt show and I missed it but I heard from many many people about seeing it and how wonderful it was for a story quilt about the Hurricane in Texas last year and how poor Peggy lost her job and loads of other things. She has an amazing sense of survival and I think this quilt is marvelous and will be a piece of history for many to study someday. Great job Peggy!.

My friend Molly is in Ireland and hey, isn't this funny? The Quilty Tavern-how imaginative! Wonder how much sewing they actually get done?

Here is Molly with her husband who is a professor. They went to England and Ireland to attend the wedding of his pen pal from Grade school. Beautiful photo.

The quilt above is from Peggy Baldwin of Galveston. Who says pumpkins have to be orange?? And isn't her use of my alphabet fabric GOOD? Love those letters and all the things they can say just by cutting them out and stitching them together! Thanks for sending those photos Molly and Peggy! Wonderful stuff for sure.


WoolenSails said...

Wow, what a display of quilts. I love the unique designs and use of fabrics and colors, really inspiring.


Mary Anne Drury said...

Such FUN FUN quilts !!!!! .....AND I just have to say what a BIG fan I am of all of your fun quilts !!! Life's WAY too serious and short not to have a sense of humor (especially with something like quilting that's supposed to be fun ..... otherwise, why do it?!?!!)

I am SO thrilled and wetting my pants that you stopped and visited my blog and left such a sweet comment !!! Please come back often for blog visits and let us all know if you're ever coming to this end of the continent for us easterners to get to visit with you!