Friday, July 17, 2009

More of Sisters- people, blocks, quilts and fun

I had to laugh because about fifteen minutes after I took this photo, the street was packed and no way could someone ride their bike without hitting someone.

Ahhhhh, a little oasis in the heat-beauty and coolness in the back of a building.
Are you seeing how the crowd is building up? All ages. And below I took a photo just for the outfit the lady was wearing. Such a great idea for a quilt.

Below-I don't recall so many people selling things on the street in the past. It used to be inside the stores and only the Stitchin Post. Now there are all kinds of people selling things on the street. I got a class of cold lemonade that was just the ticket to cooling off.
The Antique shop got into the spirit and sold all kinds of cool stuff-I couldn't get anything I couldn't get on the airplane.

Above is a better view of the Stitchin Post and the Gees Bend quilts.
Below is more of the walls in the quilt shop.

Above is a pretty display of interior things-lovely colors.

Above is a nice display of fabrics to tempt you....and believe me I was more than tempted

Above is the lovely artist and quilter Lure Schwartz Smith who is married to Kirby Smith- so nice and a wonderful teacher too. We teach together at Asilomar.

Now here is a sample of someone who has alot more time on their hands than I do! Wonderful.
And this is a totally different car! WOW.

Below is the closeup image of a quilt about summer that I loved. So pretty and fun to see.

Below is a mural on the side of a building. Nice colors and graphics too!


WoolenSails said...

Those car quilts are too much, lol.
Now that would be a challenge;)


Sandi said...

The last couple of times I was in Sisters, they had ropes stopping people from jaywalking across the road! I wonder why they stopped it. They also had crossing guards at various crosswalks.

I love the ladies in the summer quilt, was it hand painted? If so, the owner of the quilt is a very lucky person.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Kathy C said...

Dear ML,
Thank you so much for posting all these great pictures of Sisters! And, I just love the quilted cars. You know, I still have my 1990 Miata and the top is looking a bit worn ---- so maybe a new quilted "ragtop" is just the thing. It would be cheaper than making a Swarovski crystal car!

Just don't tell my husband. Ha!

rubyhaze said...

Hi, Mary Lou,
I'm so glad you posted these photos of Sisters, you saw a lot of things I didn't! Thanks for the photos of the Gees Bend quilts. They're so amazing, and in our modern lives we have so much. How much more creative could we be with less?! Beautiful.

I also love that the cars are routed around Sisters, so you can just run across the street now, without looking both ways to see a quilt! haha!