Thursday, July 02, 2009


Hi Friend,
This week I asked my Aunt to send me a couple of cookie recipes that were my Grandmother's. She did such a lovely thing. She photocopied the recipe cards that had my Grandmother's writing on them. I started thinking about this seriously today and what that hand writing means to me and wishing I had my Mother write things (which I had intended to do) for some additions to my story quilts. I wish I had followed through and had my Mother write out a couple of recipes, a piece of paper that said "I Love You", a little list of things she loved and was greatful for etc.
I want my daughter's to write for me and I have some other relatives and dear friends I am going to ask for a handwritten recipe from.
I am telling you this because I think that you might like to think about this also. Someday someone you love will not be here and wouldn't you love to look at something they had handwritten? With this ever fast paced world we live in, it is nice to see handwriting and to think how individual it is and lovely. We need to keep ever mindful of the things that matter and are lovely right in front of us because the media and our outside elements are taking those things away and we are missing so many blessings right in front of us. I am telling you this because YOU are my friend and I do so appreciate you stopping by.
I will be selecting (out of a box) ten names tomorrow to send fat quarters to to the lucky ten people that commented in the last couple of weeks and shared this blogsite with friends.
Happy Fourth of July and today Happy Canada day to you special Canadians.


Rebecka said...

Mary Lou,
I like your ideas about adding handwriting to your story quilts. I am going to see my parents this weekend and I am going to use your suggestions and have them handwrite for me. Thanks for the ideas.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Mary Lou, that makes so much sense! Thanks for getting me thinking about handwriting and messages and sentiments worth holding onto and cherishing not only for me, but for my grandson, too! Happy 4th!

lesthook said...

My brother started interviewing some of our older relatives a few years ago and now that most of them are gone it is a good thing to have.

rubyhaze said...

Hi, Mary Lou,
I agree, it's so great to see those little snippets of wisdom. I did a family cookbook years ago, and my mother had her mothers' recipe box. I was ecstatic to find handwriting on recipe cards from my grandmother, and her sister, Irene, my all-time favorite Aunt! We don't appreciate the hand-written word anymore, because of computers and email. Thanks for reminding all of us of the loved ones who've inadvertently blessed us. Looking forward to Bend next week! Enjoy your day!

Sharon S said...

You are so right about seeing a special person's handwriting. I have my Mother's recipe box & love using her favorite recipes. It makes me remember something different about her every time I use one!

Gwendie said...

I'm the lucky keeper of historic family papers. I have my great-grandfather's hand written will and my great-grandparent's marriage certificate. These are such special things for our entire family and I feel very blessed to have them.

Karen Schmucker said...

I do have recipe cards with recipe's written by several Aunts and my Mom. I find it interesting that I remember their handwriting without seeing their names. I feel that's because they all exchanged letters frequently.

I don't think my nephew would know my handwriting from the lady in the drug store. Why? I don't write letters! Karen/TN

Barb said...

I couldn't agree more. For my daughter's shower I had all her friends and relatives (and relatives to be) hand write their favorite recipes plus a comment or two and a photo of themselves. I scrapbooked the whole thing and she loved it. Just wish I had had one handwritten by my mom.

Patty said...

Hi Mary Lou,
I really appreciate what you have to say in today's Blog. I have been thinking of how many things people are throwing away lately, in the name of "organizing." I have saved cards from special people, artwork that my children, and grandchildren have drawn. I do have handwritten recipes, from my grandmothers, mothers,and father. My hall walls are hung with the pictures of most of our ancestors, and the children ask about them often. Family history, and mementos are so important! It is also very meaningful to the children in the family! I love to think back to special moments with family, sparked by something saved!

WoolenSails said...

That is a wonderful thought and a great way to have something to add to a quilt too. I will be making one for my daughter and her fiance, so maybe a part of me and my husband and then something from them, that I can add into it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Lou,

I have been feeling like life is speeding up lately. My oldest son is 14 and seems to have his first girlfirend. How did this happen? I still feel like I am 16 - so how did I get a 14 year old son and a girlfeiend? Then I read your idea about collecting handwriting and it made me feel sad at the thought of one day not being able to collect a sample from those I love. I think my next story quilt might be about trying to stop the world's spinning....wouldn't that make a great quilt??? Happy 4th Mary lou, Stephanie

Sharon said...

Mary Lou, what a great idea. I have an old wooden recipe box that was my mothers that I've filled with dry beans and use it for my pens and I'll get my creative juices going and incorporate her handwriting into it...thanks for your inspiration!

Sandy said...

I love handwritten things and have several recipes in my Mothers and Grandmothers hand. (and I am 62)
I have always said that handwriting should still be taught like it was in the 1950's in elementary is such a wonderful art.

Sandi said...

I agree with your comment about handwriting. I have several old cards with my mother's parents writing and my grandfather's script was so wonderful.

My dad was an electrician, so finding things with his writing is a bit more difficult.

I've bought 4 recipe keepers to give to my two nieces and 2 nephews. I was going to computer print some family recipes from my mom and I to give them as a gift, but now I'll get mom to write hers out and mine also.

thanks for the idea.

Sandi in New Westminster b.C.