Friday, July 24, 2009

Lance comes home from Africa today for a quick yearly visit

As many of you know, my cousin and his wife work with AIDS victims in five countries within Africa. He went there to set up a program with his wife and to stay one year. It has been eleven years now. I admire them for their efforts and heart. Can't wait to have our yearly Mexican dinner (the one food he cannot find in Africa).
Carol from Sacramento (a good friend) reminded me about this site and asked me to post it. I am posting it because we are lucky as women to have our own computers, safety, homes and freedom.
I believe in this woman's work. Please check it out.
I think you might enjoy this woman's spirit also.

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Carol said...

Dear Mary Lou,
Please give your cousin and his wife and extra hug from me. . . What wonderful work they do!

And Thanks!, too, for sharing the link to Carol Schillios blog. Just $1 can do so much, especially when many contribute. . . A small price to pay, indeed!

I fear that sometimes people who live in areas of the world where daily needs are so easily provided, they may tend to forget how desperate our brothers and sisters are in so many areas across the globe.

Bless Carol Schillios, and others like her - your cousin for example, for keeping us grounded.

If I could get to Edmund, WA I would definitely stop by, shake her hand and deliver my dollar in person.