Sunday, August 26, 2012

Remembering Dawn Tonoili, a creative and wonderful person

Can you believe this is made of buttons? Isn't it wonderful? Think what you could add to any quilt or textile in the form of buttons...delightful!
I adore this photo because so many of you are dear and I have known you for a long time....I am thankful for classes because I have made many wonderful and lasting friends.
Here is a small COW by Dwn Tonoli. Dawn passed away last week and she was a lsting and wonderful friend who I met years ago in a retreat and we kept meeting at my retreats and California when I was there. I am going to miss Dawn and her wonderful sense of humor and fabulous creativity. She always amazed me and it was fun to go on an artist trip with her as she came up with great ideas. Many of my students and friends remember her ondly. Here is more of her work.
Dawn earing lunch outdorrs at my retreat in Idaho
Dawn belonged to my block swap group and here she was working on a bird quilt
Dawn's story quilt drawing for her daughter in law...she finished this wonderful quilt
I know I have more photos but I cannot find them. You can see that she was fun, pretty and creative and a wonderful friend to many. I will miss her alot.


Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of Dawn and her quilts, I was at your Idaho retreat and got to meet this very gracious beautiful lady.

There is a hole in my heart because of losing her.

Rest in peace Dawn, you are missed.

Nancy said...

She looks like a lovely lady.

Marlynne said...

It was nice to see Dawn's work. The Button portrait was fantastic! So nice for you to honor her with this memorial post.

kim kerschl said...

Yes, thanks for sharing photos and a bit about Dawn. She did look like a fun and talented person. But as ML says, look at the story quilts she has left behind that are her legacy! I'm sure her family will cherish them!