Sunday, August 19, 2012

YOU HAVE IT! So now just USE it! (Imagination, Creativity, Originality)

Today's post is just ideas to run with in creating something fun and creative and have to please you and who cares what someone else thinks? Get over pleasing others and you will please them just the and energy in art translate across the board and you will find others love your energy and your work! Hope these things inspire you to do something great. I am teaching across the US this Fall and hope to see you in one of my classes...let's create together!
This saying above all others should move you to create, share, be kind and count your many blessings friend.....
The simplicity of a child's drawing inspires us if we let from 2 to 19 should do drawings to inspire us if we can get them to create! It is a wonderful thing to have a notebook of drawings from kids!
It is very creative and fun to turn one thing into another...can you try?
I adore clothes lines and think of the possibilities in quilts and paintings! The whole gist of this post is to get you to think "Outside the Box" like my books suggest you do....the world of art is so much fun and YES! you are an artist whether you want to admit it or not....create and don't be shy. If you want to be creative just try...that is all it takes!


Bev said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I make "gypsy" blocks from my leftover strips and lately, I've had to spice them up. So what do I do when I need to spice them up? I add Mary Lou Weidman fabrics! It's kind of cheating because my gypsy blocks are just to use up my leftover strip ends.

Cheery wave from Bev!

kim kerschl said...

I LOVE all the funny and inspirational pictures/quotes! I have copied a few and have them posted in my house here and there! My family has even gotten in the re-quoting some of them!