Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Beth's Story Quilt About France- "JOILA"!

Here is a wonderful quilt that Beth Stanton made. Here is her letter! Hi, Mary Lou - thought I'd share a picture of my mostly finished story quilt that I started at Dixie McBride's Quilters' Escape in May 2010...I may add some more embellishment such as embroidered flowers in window boxes on the buildings. Thank you for the wonderful experience and inspiration. -Beth Stanton You know sometimes how you have loads of emails and you somehow over look one and wonder how you didn't ever read it? Well, I remember Beth well in the class she took and I somehow did not see this letter that was sent a year and a half ago. I am cleaning out my emails and thankfully this was still in my old files..... I LOVE France and I think this is so beautifully done and I think it is so nice that she didn't use just black fabric but black and white fabric and her words are cool and I think it is a wonderful story quilt sure to make it through many generations who will enjoy the story of Beth's visit to France. Thank you Beth


Sandi said...

What a lovely quilt, her pink Eifel Tower is amazing!

Love all the French/Paris inspirations.

Glad you found the picture and e-mail!

Marlynne said...

Story Quilts are so fun to do! Enjoyed Beth's Quilt about France.