Saturday, August 04, 2012

Mary Lou's Work and Grants Pass,Oregon Workshop

I will be teaching Grants Pass Oregon the 8th through the 12th of Sept- it is going to be here in a blink of the eye! I am teaching Hoity Toity Houses and it is a class that is really fun and everyone has different houses and ideas and it is easy and whimsical and you can include address's people and animals you love etc. Very creative and very easy using the Hoochy way of piecing! Contact to take the two day workshop. The little quilt on top is a house short story I did with Timeless treasures Fabric. It is a good example of doing a smaller project with a house and fun things to support the story. I am putting these photos here because a number of people in Oregon were not familiar with my work. This gives a smattering of what I do. I have lots of new things but none quilted and embellished yet...stay tuned!
This quilt is the perfect example of a hoity Toity is for my Grandson and has the entire family in different windows including the family pets and all of my Grandchildren in the sky including my Granddaughter who has a pin on that reads "made in Canada (she was born in Calgary,Alberta. These quilts are so much fun to make and they make excellent stories that will be kept for generations. Fun and historic too.
The quilt here is of my Grandparents place in Wardner British Columbia... house and things surrounding... whimsy and love all in one.
The quilt above is an old photo of a quilt that is on loan right now but it is the "Quilter's retirement Home." Very fun and has all kind of quilters in the windows and rapunzel, cinderella's shoe and other fun things as well as the royal storehouse that will have everyone's stash for making quilts. It is very fun. Below is my angel block of the month. This is an example of a great quilt done by Carol from Panama. She did such a nice job on this. It is a good chance to make a fun quilt and include names of the angels in your life. This is not a Hoity Toity quilt but it is a good example of what I love to design and do.
It is always fun to show students work and this lady from Florida did a quilt for her Grandson with the Hoity Toity method and she has all kinds of fun things and she named it Garrettville" for him. I love this don't you?
For more fun work by Mary Lou check out her other blog at Mary Lou and Whimsy Too-(google this)


Bev said...

I'm so glad to see your quilts on the blog! You are amazing!

Cheery wave from Bev

Denny1600 said...

The bug quilt blocks are a hoot! Love the dots! The hoi toity houses look like fun, too! All the best.

Sandi said...

I loved seeing your mini quilt of Timeless Treasure fabrics.

I remember doing a workshop with a friend where we experimented by gluing fabrics down on paper to make a maquette of a project.

A Maquette is a French word for scale model, it would be a great way to try out a design and adjust before making it full scale...hmmm you might have a new class to teach Mary Lou!

beckypb said...

I just read your newsletter and I am going to make the Tomato Bake recipe today! I just got some fresh tomatoes from our local farmer's market and your recipe sounds so yummy! So does the "BLT Sandwich Coleslaw" so I'm going to make up a batch of it, too. Thank you so much for sharing happiness and kindness through your blogs!

Marlynne said...

Mary Lou your quilts are so fun!! Are you going to be in Kansas City, Missouri any time soon? Would love take a workshop with you close to home!