Saturday, July 28, 2012

Madeline Island Workshop is Coming up in October- BLINK and it will be here!

This first photo was taken as I was driving a couple of short miles to Madeline Island. It is a wonderful place to teach AND take a story quilt workshop for five days. It is put on by MISA which you can google or look on the right column of this blog with the autumn bush photo.
I fly into Minnesota and drive from there to is a BEAUTIFUL drive and once you get to Bayfield, you just have a quick ferry ride across beautiful Lake Superior.
I have a real creative energy in the fall and love all of the things that we think about after the harvest and enjoying the colors and smells and holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving....this is a great time to think about visiting Madeline Island and going to Applefest in Bayview where you catch the ferry to Madeline Island for the class. There is also a cute quilt shop in Bayview that is very friendly and has good stuff.
This is an antique shop I visited in Bayfield. Bayfield is where you catch a short (like ten or less minutes )to Madeline Island. The cool thing is that THIS year Bayfield will be having it annual APPLE festival the day before we begin our workshop and it is fabulous with great crafts to buy and the best apple pie (I am not kidding) and other things to eat in a fabulous setting on Lake Superior. So you go to Bayfield, play around for awhile, take the ferry to Madeline Island and begin a GREAT Autumn story quilt (or other story quilt) in a well lit, spacious room that is open all night long and early in the morning for people that can't get enough sewing. Like me.
A copy of Matisse's painting in the Farm House... great things to see in all of the buildings as far as art and furniture...
Here I am on the ferry waiting to go over to Madeline Island from Bayfield (above)
View of Bayfield and of the ferry itself...little and cute! They probably wouldn't like that I say this but we have ferry's here in Washington state that hold 200 cars. You really get to know everyone including the captain on this ferry!
Below is Madeline Island color for inspiration! Gorgeous and to be sewing with this view!
Fun in the classroom
Last year's beautiful and fabulous class. They are on the porch of the Farm House (original with new update)
As you can see, we had a very talented group.I don't have the photos of many of the quilts that had stories cut out....I think I am too busy working at that time to get those photos and I am always in hopes that people will mail me a photo of the quilted product! This class did wonderful a wonderful place
I had to end with Mary who has done a number of wonderful story quilts and she has a real touch when it comes to awesome blocks!

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Sandi said...

I'd love to go there one year, but not on the books for this year.

A friend just went up to Bayfield for a wedding last weekend and said the area was lovely.

Love that moon and star fabric on the halloween cat quilt, I have it in several colour ways and it is a favourite of mine.

I think that the cool evenings of Fall encourage us to draw on our creativity, it is hard in warm weather to pull out the quilts and embellish as you are on your other blog.