Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Story Quilt Beach Quilt shared by Sandy-Wonderful fun!

It is always fun hearing from people who completed their story quilts and who doesn't love a story about girlfriends at the beach? Sandy sent me this story quilt photo (oops, photos today). If you are taking a story quilt workshop from me what will you tell the world about you? Remember this is a legacy of your life today and who and what you love.
Sandy wrote this below-

this is the quilt I made from your seminars in 2010.
We will be there the same week you are this May
Just thought you would like to see what I ended up with!

Sandy Hlubik

Thank you for sharing Sandy, I love it as I am sure your friends do too! See you in May!


Islandgirl said...

If I had the wonderful opportunity to take your Story Quilt class, it would have to be all about Hawaii - from my first reluctant visit in '71. (quite a story in itself) to the mid '80's and working in the family donut shop, to the present day where my husband and I camp for the majority of our visits out of the sheer love of being close to the land we love!

Anonymous said...

Love that beachy story quilt!

Celebrating our 30th anniversary today.

Bert in Rice, WA

Marlynne said...

Such a cute Beach Scene Quilt! a real nice memory!

Sharon B said...

I WILL be taking your class in May in WV. I am making a story quilt about the wonderful women who taught me to SEW!