Friday, April 27, 2012

Bentonville Arkansas and Crystal Bridges Museum offer great creativity, color, nature's beauty and oh's and ah's

The purse above was made bgy a lady named Sam who was at the Arkansas "Calico Cutups" guild...I think it is adorable and really me. For you girls who make bags I thought this might spark your creativity!
I love reginal folk art and hey, isn't this cool??? On my way to Arkansas from Tulsa...what a BEAUTIFUL part of the USA! Route 66 I think....
Below, after Dorothy picked me up to go to Crystal Bridges, the art center funded by Walmart's daughter (Sam Walton's Daughte Alice) In Bentonville Arkansas. I HIGHLY recommend it and I get to go to alot of art Museums. It is wonderful and divided by dates of artists. She has gotten some fabulous art. The only downside is she does not recognize quilts or textiles as art yet...hopefully someone will educate her to see their fabulous worth! I am posting some of my favorite things including the beautiful scenery which is seen indoors as in indoors is outdoors and outdoors in indoors.
Sometimes the people walking around outdoors become like painting pieces in a beautiful art piece -it is quite wonderful and inventive...
I think one of my most favorite (inventive) piece was this red orb that you looked through and how it changed the background behind can see blocks on the floor but they disapper in the photo but with your eye you can see them....I took many angles of the plain and it changed each time...wonderful!
I think you can see why I loved this beautiful Museum so much. Lovely people worked as security and friendly people to direct you to one place or the other. My back has been hurt so I didn't get to walk the paths as I wanted but this is all part of the experience too and they are packed with flowers and trees and interesting sculptures....this Museum has been well thought out and reminded me of the Getty in California...lots of the same well place ideas for those who want to "think" as they look.
The selection of art is really wonderful too. Hope you get to go there and visit. The city itself is wonderful and later next week I am going to show photos of the original Walmart store (Sam Walton Museum and show other photos of my time in both Tulsa (wonderful in so many ways) and Arkansas.

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Janet said...

Welcome to the Ozarks. I love Crystal Bridges Museum.