Saturday, March 31, 2012

Building Easy Piecing Borders and Quilts-Step OUT of the BOX and Stretch

I am always talking in my workshops about your stash and what you can do to build it up for better quilts _see my website for some fabrics for sale that are good lightgivers and black and white magic in your quilts.
Since I am doing my retreat soon (beginning of June) and also going to California, West Virginia, Tulsa, Arkansas, Idaho, Washington, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, Memphis and Alabama, I thought I would show you advanced blocks for easy piecing that anyone can do with a little know how. I like to say (in gest and humor) "anyone can make a perfect traditional blocks and it takes no how to make an out of the box block like these". I like "clear" crisp designed fabric with "light" in them for successful quilts....this is my signature. I came from an art background and think this is a great help in making successful quilts!
SO, if you are coming to one of my workshops or you have one of my books, you too can make these great blocks with a good pallette (stash) some value and some invention. They are fun and cool!

AND by the way did you see that I mixed different styles of fabrics together and just because you have chicken fabric does not mean you have to fussy cut to get the whole chicken is more interesting to just cut them when you cook them. :0)


Marlynne said...

I Love Love Love your bright happy "kookie" quilty blocks!

Sandi said...

Love all the cheddar and pink/red along with the black stripes and polka dots.

Very inspirational Mary Lou. Can't wait for June to arrive.

pink daisy said...

Love the bright colors to wake me up with my coffee this morning. Can I cut up fish and cats too? Thanks for the inspiration.

Marlynne said...

You've sure got fun stashes! Love that Bottle arbour on you side bar