Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Quilts at Mary Lou's Retreat! Thought you might like these-they are fun!

I have other quilts too to bring with me- we will put them all in bags and number them and then each student will draw a number..should be fun....I have some nice fabric prizes we will do this way also...

Imagine happy little hangings in your bathroom or kitchen or bedroom! I have a stack of outfits that became little wallhangings and I am giving one away to each student at my Post Falls Idaho retreat this year. These are whimsical and fun and that is what the creative week is about too.
I have Apron day planned for the first day and everyone will wear their favorite aprong.either one they made or one they should be fun with the tiaras (real ones) that I have ordered. A little color and a little class.


Sandi said...

Great quilts Mary Lou, I love the one with the star fish and beach pail.

Hope to be lucky with whichever one I get!

Sharon B said...

Love the sailor dress :) I was in the Navy so this is my fav!