Monday, April 16, 2012

Post Falls Idaho gets AWARD! Hooray for the place we have our retreat!

These are the "bunny" sisters or as many of you know them Laura from Texas and Charlotte her sister from Florida who come to my retreats and workshops. These two girls sew like the wind and I think they hold the record for story quilts made. Their lives are made for story quilts and they have a list of many that need to be done.
Laura's husband sent me a letter with a notice that Post Falls Idaho where the retreat will be held in June was selected as one of the top ten places to live for Mountain/water communities. I just found out that the day we go to Farm Chicks in Spokane, we will also be able to attend Post Falls Days. They will have a small quilt show of mine there and lots of see and buy and eat. Isn't this what those town fairs are all about? Fun way to start off the retreat.
By the way, this is my fourth annual retreat and I need two more people. This may be my last year if I don't fill. If it is my last year it will be a FUN one with lots of fabric given away, a quilt for every student as well as new patterns, tips and ideas and of coarse the bunny sisters. :0)
GREAT news! After seeing this, TWO more sisters are planning on joining us! I am leaving it open for one or two more people. I have had two people say they want in but haven't sent their money-as the saying goes "put your money where your mouth is".
I am so excited at the addition of Kathy and Judy who are as much fun as Charlotte and Laura! And Best friends from Boise and Mari who runs the block swap and Sandi who has come for years and others who are in for a great and memorable time!

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