Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tulsa Provides Lovely Sunshine, New Friends and Alot of FUN

Debby is pictured here in her vintage Mexican jacket. I had one of these when I was a little girl and would love to get a red one. They are so cool! As we were chatting, Debby (who is shown with her best friend in the world Annette) showed me her shoes that her son who is a tattoo srtist designed. I need to find her card in my suitcases....he did an amazing job and photos don't do them justice. Debby had adorable outsits each day and she has that touch for what she wears. You know what I mean? Really fun to see each day what she wore and she is really nice.<
Many guilds have pretty raffle quilts and this quilt is lovely. The Tulsa guild shared in making it and a lady (I forget her name) did the border. Each stitch is perfect and it would be so great on a bed or a wall. I bought tickets and have my fingers crossed. I am due to win a quilt because I keep buying these tickets and nothing....know what I mean?
I think the davantage of teaching in Tulsa when the sun shines bright is the fun you have and the friends you make. We had 19 of the nicest ladies who all shared and were fun and willing to try anything and to make free form flowers getting Out of the Box. The value of a workshop that is longer is having time to get your artist out and inventing and discovering. We had people from three states....Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas..........very fun for a girl from the Northwest!
A few years ago I had a wonderful lady named Jan in my John C. Campbell workshop. Jan is very talented and very nice. Jan made a cow and I think it is wonderful! So we posed for a photo of the two of us with our cow quilts. If you haven't made a cow, they only take 2 1/2 hours to put together and they are really fun. Just pick a cow theme like "OCOWhoma", cowa bunga, holy cow, COWafornia, How now Brown cow?, cow town, Marilyn MOOnroe, etc. We thought up tons of cow names. The pattern is in my OUT of the BOX with EASY Blocks book along with lots of other cute patterns.
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This is Judy who was my hostess and she was really alot of fun and we enjoyed laughing together. Tulsa is an amazing city. Everything there is GREEN and people are friendly and if you want to go to dinner you have your choice of zillions of local places that are not a chain. If you want a city to go and spend time and do the tourist thing, I think this city is right up your alley. I am hoping to go and spend three days and really see more of the city. beautiful architecture, manicured parks and clean neighborhoods would make it a great place to live and the sunshine was there the entire time I visited.


The Happy Camper said...

I just had a brainstorm for a cow quilt...I love Moocy! Can't wait. Moving up north in 6 weeks, but this will be the first thing I sew when the fabric is unpacked!!!!

Carol said...

I had such a great time at the workshop, Mary Lou. My drive up from TEXAS was worth every minute on the highway. I put the blocks I made up on my design wall when I got home and look at them and think of the fun. I took them to my bee tonight and everyone wanted to know all about it. Think I will be giving some tutorials at our retreat in a few weeks! I was the one who made the bluebird that Deb was kind enough to give me a strip of rust for the breast. They loved it! Thanks again! I'm going to stay up tonight and see if I can get a coneflower made. That was one I really wanted to do.