Monday, December 05, 2011

Two Winning and Wonderful Quilts!


I am really excited to be able to share this photo of the quilt called "Coffee Cake Day." Mary who has become a lovely friend made this quilt about making loads of those beautiful yeast dough stollen style coffee cakes on December 11th for friends and family.

I first met Mary in beautiful West Virginia at the Cedar Lakes story quilt class. If you live anywhere close to West Virginia, please consider coming in April to join us while we make creative and fun memory quilts about our lives.

The State owned park is gorgeous with a super room with alot of light and the rooms are nice to stay in and it is just honestly a little like "heaven" as the song about West Virginia goes.

Then Mary came along to my Madeline Island workshop to continue and begin a new quilt.
Mary's artist comes out and does fabulous things but somehow she forgot she said in between the two classes how to keep her inner artist outside. :0)
Then she really went all out and made loads of wonderful things.

Look at the detail of this quilt and you will see the names of people that help and that they give to and other fun things.
I can't wait to see her next project. Mary is a fun, talented and great person. Hope she shows up again at one of the story quilt workshops along the way.
It is a delight to have fun and nice people take these workshops that tell a story about who you love and what you love.

By the way, Two wacky women are hosting a story quilt class with me next summer AUG. 9th through the 13th at a wonderful hotel with great food and classroom in Palm Desert,California.
We would love to get those numbers up and if you have seen the story quilts of mine at Roxanne's or anywhere you know I am doing all kinds of new things.
Please consider coming and enjoying this wonderful class.
And "yes" it is air conditioned.
I plan to going to Monica's quilt shop which I hear so much about too and hope you will go with me for fun!

This second quilt is quite wonderful to me because first it is by my friend Lynne Pennington from Texas who is so much fun and who I have known a long time from many many workshops and you can see her work in the Out of the Box book. She did her husband on a tractor with a martini and all kinds of things in the yard around him. It is wonderful.

But we got her involved in the cow parade and this was what she came up with which I love because it is the perfect quilt to hang this time of year.
I am not sure of the name but think it might be another Mooey Christmas quilt.

If you want to do your own cow with a cow, veal, dairy, Moo, heifer theme the easy pattern is in the Out of the Box with Easy Blocks book.
It takes less than a day to do the cow and then you get to do all of the fun stuff to go along with your theme.
It is the perfect "bee" challenge for any group!
We will have seven of these quilts at Road to California in January and then more at the Minnesota Quilters show in June.
I know Mary and Lynne would love comments and I am going to surprise some nice girls who comment here and also commented in the past- stay tuned for a nice December give away to a nice group of friends.


Maree in NC :-) said...

LOVE Mary and Lynne's quilts! Way to go, ladies!

Who wouldn't love a MOOey Christmas cow?! Hey, I probably wouldn't want to pack mine up in January! ;-)

DianeP said...

Mary and Lynne's quilts are both so beautiful and fun! I can imagine both of them hanging in their respective homes to become a new Christmas family tradition.

Love the Christmas cow - holy cow is that cute?!?! I was thinking to make a Christmas Cow-al, but this is much cuter than the one in my imagination. Love the little elf booties - they are hilarious!

Miki Willa said...

Mary's quilt is just wonderful. I love all the details she included. It really tells a great story. Lynne's cow is great. The elf booties are too cute. You do a wonderful job inspiring all this creativity. Thank you for sharing with us.

West Michigan Quilter said...

These quilts are wonderful! I love Mary's quilt. She is a great artist! Love the feet on the cow! What a hoot.

Donna Avila said...

Thanks for the inspiration Mary! I have tried to pick a favorite cow and I just can't do it! They are all so darling! What a JOYFUL quilt made by your friend in W.V. I'm smiling.....can you tell?! Donna A.

Sharon said...

What talented ladies, I love their quilts! The details are fabulous, the more I look at them the more I see :)