Monday, December 12, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness Often Feels Better for the Giver than the Receiver

Above are photos I took in Switzerland of candy...lovely chocolate candy.
So, today my husband stopped at the grocery store for milk on the way home from work.

As he was standing in line, he heard the clerk at another counter trying to tell some man he owed her more money.

My husband got out of line because clearly her noticed the man had some mental issues.

The man had put down a can of spam,something else and some loose tea bags from bulk and he gave her 75 cents.

She was trying to explain that he had to give her more money and he wasn't getting it.

So while everyone else stood there,

Mark took nine dollars out of his pocket and gave it to her.

My husband said it was all the cash he had on him and he thinks that it was still 75 cents short. He said he thinks the cashier gave him the extra 75 cents after she saw the nine dollars there.

The man came over and shook my husband's hand and thanked him and Mark said he obviously had no money, was dressed poorly and had problems.

He came home happy.

My husband said it made HIS day to help someone like that.

It is so cold outdoors and I feel badly for anyone who is walking with no car and maybe no home.
I am counting my blessings today as I cut up some really pretty Timeless Treasures about you?


Cherry Red Quilter said...

I think you are so right - it always feels almost selfishly good to do something kind like that. I have organised my quilt group to make quilts for Aussie soldiers serving in Afghanistan lately and, as much as the soldiers are appreciating the quilts, we are loving doing them - it just makes us feel really good to do such a worthwhile thing. Give your husband an extra big hug for being such a kind compassionate man and not being afraid to step up in public.

DianeP said...

Mark's random act of kindess will surely be rewarded in good time. Thank you, Mark, for stepping up and helping that man.