Monday, July 26, 2010

This and That for fun......

I stopped in Coeur d'Alene Idaho to talk to the bear Paw quilt shop about my retreat coming up and when our class could come and visit and if they would give us some kind of prize. :0) They are on the top shop list for this year and it is a fantastic shop as many of my past retreat people can tell you! So, I bought some new fabrics to use in samples for the new book and also some plaids that are weird to do samples for my John C.Campbell class coming up in Sept. Good fabric is a must for cool quilts. Some people need to reconsider their stashes. Just my opinion.
The folk art face of a cane my Grandfather made. It has two eyes and is darling from the front view. No wonder I love Folk Art. It was all around me growing up!

Here is a cane my Grandfather made-read on....very fun and a little funny.

I remember my Grandfather collecting different kinds of wood and cutting little pieces and putting it into canes that he made. Fol Art! Now I wish I had many of the things he did. I don't. Bummer. But I saw a cane at my Aunt's and took a photo of it because of the memory. Fun!

Different vehicles in Montana crack me up.

I took the class "perspective" in college and I hated every minute of it. But this photo could have been a great piece of art. I took this as I drove because I loved the mountain straight ahead and how the trees grew up on top along with the lines of the I didn't crash.

My friend Lillian in Libby Montana just had this shed built for "stuff"-wouldn't this make an adorable sewing space or antique library etc? Wonderful and too cool for junk like mowers and rakes.

Maeve thank you for signing up as a follower and those of you that did. I appreciate YOU. If you are coming to the retreat I finally bit the bullet and ordered real tiaras. I am hoping that Post Falls will treat us like the royalty we are. :0)


Wendy said...

Beautiful fabric! Love the Bear Paw Quilt Shop ... awesome place with even more awesome employees :) :) Love your friend's "stuff" shack ... oh the possibilities that could provide!! Can't wait to see what you create with your fabric, Mary Lou :) Great Day to you!

maeve315 said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mary Lou. Love that very bright/happy stack of fabrics in today's post. I cannot resist colorful fabric!!!

WoolenSails said...

I am still thinking about coming up to the Maine show.
Really want to get a place on a lake, but most of the good ones are further drives.


Karen in Tucson said...

Love the article about you in the latest Quilter's Newsletter. What a lovely article that helped to tell the world who you are. Thank you for sharing with us.

Have great travels and continue to have lots of fun!

Sandi said...

Great fabrics Mary Lou, I can't wait to see what the next group comes up with. Our field trip to Bear Paw was fun, such lovely ladies at that shop.

Your grandfather's cane is lovely, what a treasure to have as a memory of him.

I could certainly use your aunt's extra storage.