Monday, July 26, 2010

Plaid guy changes and more is added as I explore having a great time creating!

This was one of the plaid people-he has totally changed now and you can hardly tell how he started out-now the quilt has a clock, a porch, several trees, a beehive and the town neighbors who are gossiping....gee this is fun!
Gather some plaids and see what you come up with!


Sandi said...

I like how you turned the plaid onto the bias to make the nose!

I have to figure out what fabrics to make my face in.

Patty said...

I will enjoy this one coming together!..

♥I just was rereading down the right column and came to the quote by C.S. Lewis. I had to use it on my blog too! Thanks....You remind me of things so often in your postings.

Melinda said...

I love plain guy - he is quite handsome. Love to see what you are working on.