Sunday, July 18, 2010

GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS-Looks like I made it............

So the GOOD news is that when I got to Wyoming someone said, "hey you were featured in Quilter's Newsletter" magazine. I have been on the road for 21 years and I finally made it, haha. I knew they were going to do an article sometime and it is fun that it is now. My Mother has passed away and Dad too and so I have only a few people who really care. My friend Laurie Latta and Terry from West Virginia wrote nice notes as well as many of my Facebook friends. It is nice to have cheerleaders isn't it? I am going to Libby to be with my Aunt Bonnie who is now under hospice care and I will buy her a magazine as she is a lovely cheerleader and also my cousin Patty in Phoenix who was my Mother's dear friend and WWII buddy while the boys were at war. It is a different thing to see a story about you in this place or that. You know you have passed along the information and you wonder if this is really "who you are." But in the end, your students and the friends you have made and your family know you and that is what is so lovely about life. It is a nice thing to share your art with others and have them respond, be inspired and smile at something they find happy. In the end, that is what I want, to share "happiness." Isn't that what we all need more of? I think you will love the article and hope you get the magazine. Then come and take a class to do a story about YOU and who and what you love and learn how to do the hoochy mama technique of quilting! It is freeform and so fun!
This is Becky the Pharmicist who was the chairman, Grand Poobah,leader of the conference and did a wonderful job with many people at the college in Rock Springs. They gave tons of fabulous gifts away to the people who came and the campus and school's architecture was wonderful. Stay tuned as I am doing more on the postings, cartoons, art work and sayings on the professor's doors. I was very impressed with what is there and you can tell it is a great school just from the bulletin boards.
I thought Becky's blouse was wonderful, hope you can see it and her pretty smile. It is always nice to see a smile on the person who works the hardest as this isn't always the case.

Here is the view out my window on the way to Rock Springs, Wyoming. I was born in Casper so it was nice to visit the State where I was born. I have taught in Heber, Utah.Jackson Hole and also Salt Lake which is close. The conference hosted gals from all over Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and many other states. It is a great conference and moves every year to five different locations in Wyoming.

Here is one of my two suitcases after my trip to Wyoming. Looks normal with a little wear and tear, I buy suitcases every six months or so.

This is my suitcase when I got it back from my flight. I would like to say it was a comedy of errors but it isn't that funny. I started out the day with pilots with an attitude on the shuttle to the airport from our hotel, a lovely girl at the airport who did all of the boarding passes etc., for all of the different airline companies and was busy for a small airport, had to put our luggage on another plane since we were on a small plane from Rock Springs Wyoming where I taught, then from my flight in Salt Lake to Spokane, we diverted to Boise due to someone having seizures (an ambulance came and picked her up while we watched our watches, got into my town (phew) and this suitcase was waiting as well as my other one with no damage. Then you have to stand in line,plead your case and hope they will listen. After asking him to call a supervisor, I think I will get a new suitcase and a small amount of money for new fabric, batting and machine quilting-"no" I didn't have this quilt appraised which was dumb as I would be getting it's true value.

Wouldn't you know it, I packed this quilt in the large zipper pocket on the front of my suitcase knowing it would be safe enough.
Don't do this at home, (and "no" I won't do it again though it would probably still happen since the top of my suitcase had a huge rip in it too-dirt all over inside and some minor damage to stuff on the top.) Well, you see what my suitcase looks like and now my lovely scarecrow quilt has tears, gross dirt and ripped binding. Bummer. It was like they poured dirt into my suitcase which you know didn't happen. Who wants to handle luggage for a living? Give them kudos if you see them.
Glad I got this nice photo of the class with the pre-flight quilt. Stay tuned as I am going to show the different students and how they used different fabrics and backgrounds for their lovely "Happy Crow Farms"quilt. This is a fun pattern and I had lovely, fun people in my workshop.
Luckily the baggage guy was nice after an exchange of back and forth. This airline is a nice one to deal with, thankfully. That is why I book my flights with them when I can.

Hey, all in all with my airline trips, I have to come home, say "I am safe, not harmed,had an adventure and the airline got me where I needed to be and I am in one piece." I tell myself this on every trip as I go across the US and other lovely places I get to travel and because there are airlines and people who work hard to do a good job and please the customer.


Nancy said...

What a lovely spread in the magazine. Congrats! But oh, the suitcase saga. That's downright painful. With the amount of traveling you do, you must know nearly all the tips to keep things as safe as possible. Now you know another one, sadly.

Jana said...

Glad you came to Wyoming but hated reading about your quilt! So sorry to hear it is damaged.

"Love" the pics out the airplane window! LOL! I have to keep telling myself that this area is rich with gas fields and that's why we live here. :)

WoolenSails said...

I will definitely check out your article. Our library carries it, so I get mine there. It is a shame about your quilt, guess it is safe to put our don't ruin items in the middle of the case.


beth said...

I was sure proud of you when I read you were in the magazine!! It took way too long to get you in my humble opinion. So sorry to hear about your bag and quilt. :( You're always so positive, though. Thanks for leaving us on a "happy note".

Pam said...

I don't get the mag anymore.. so I will have to find it!! awesome.. :0)

Sandi said...


I'm sorry to hear that your quilt was damage, but happily it was the quilt and not you!

Congratulations on recognition that is/was long overdue, I know your mom and dad knew it would come to you one day. I'm glad you will be able to share it with your aunt and husband, children and grandchildren.

May this be the first of many more positive articles of your amazing work.

I looked today for the magazine, but it hasn't made it's way north yet.

Carol from Panama said...

Congratulations on your much deserved appearance in a magazine - it's about time! I used to subscribe to Quilter's Newsletter - but no longer do - maybe I can find just this issue online.

Is your quilt fixable - can you applique something over the rips? You are so creative - I am sure you can come up with a solution.

Glad you got home safely - even if your suitcase and quilt didn't :-(

Sharon S said...

On a mission to find the magazine today. Yikes on the luggage mishap. Never good when a quilt gets damaged. Wish I had a "spy-cam" so I could see what really happens to our luggage. Hugs to you! said...

Great article on you in Quilter's Newsletter - congratulations!!! happy you made it through all that traveling safely, but sorry about the quilt! I know what you mean about suitcases and the airlines, however. I will never again buy a suitcase with "360" wheels (4 wheels) as mine got torn off the suitcase on its very first trip! Oh well, that's life, I suppose. YOUR luggage looks like someone tried to put it through a shredder! I think I'll go back and look at QN and the pictures of your fantastic, colorful quilts!

Colleen said...

It looks like your suitcase was run over by the plane!

I'm a QN subscriber, so I'll just have to wait patiently for my copy. Congratulations on your new-found fame!


Patty said...

I shuddered when I read about your badly treated luggage! It makes me very sad that your quilt was ruined...
Tomorrow I have to wait for my sister while she has a lab I bought the QNM to read. I have it hidden until the morning..Taking you along with me... :)