Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Above is a photo of people who started out in our gourmet club 30 years ago. My husband had to work so he couldn't come until the next morning when many of these people headed off for other things (nuts). Long ago, we all went to church together and decided it would be fun to have a monthly gourmet club. We first went through all of the countries in the world (italian, greek, french, chinese, japanese, thai, english, german, turkish, mexico, spain,etc etc., making their foods and then we got creative and did a nerd night, a toga party, a depression night (all things from the depression for dinner and checkers etc, for entertainment). We vacationed in the summer and we did some trips across the Stevens pass in Washington and also through Snoqualmie and the ferry system in Western Washington. Very fun stuff. We started out with six couples. Two of the couples moved away and we kept one of the couples who moved as they came to visit us fairly often and they invited a couple to join that they knew that lived here. We all became fast friends and we cannot believe it has been so long. We lasted ten years + and we still get together at least once a year. Now our kids are the ones that are the ages we were when we started and they have their little kids-see how we grew? In all of the years we traveled in the summer, no matter where we went, they always let me stop at the quilting shops while they paced up and down the street. Such fun for me who wanted more time.....Haha.
Below are five of my Grandchildren wondering where their cousin Bo is. They are waiting for someone to go and get him to join in the group for a photo.

Below is my Grandchildren (3 boys and 3 girls) and my oldest Granddaughter is holding a baby (Evelyn-2 months old)of one of the children of our gourmet club Curt and Joan's daughter Kelly who was a little girl when we used to get together and now she has little Evelyn. So there are seven kids here.

So, those six couples years ago became what is below....alot more people who love to cook, love to eat and love to be together. Time has gone on but our love for our friendships has stood the test of time.

I guess I forgot to say we had a memorial picnic in Idaho with all of our kids and we had a pot luck and Joan brought photos and we all laughed at hairstyles and glasses and how some of us have no hair now and how some of us have gained weight but all in all we think we look pretty good and we still have alot of good fun together.
I leave for Wyoming tomorrow and will be home Sunday-Monday morning I will pick the four winners of fabric from those of you who are followers and have commented in the past two weeks. I ran out of time but the fabric is cool and you will like the post cards I send too!
Don't forget that we have a little room at the Idaho Retreat which is going to be wonderful-both in where we work and where we stay. And the menu, give aways and patterns are going to be quite good. I plan to pass out some drawings this time in a folder for ideas and this is a first as well as the bags I designed. Hope you can join us-so far we have all fun people who signed up! Yippeee.


Barb said...

That looks like so much fun and it's so amazing that you all still get together. It truly is a blessing.

As for joining one of your classes... it's still on my "to do" list. Maybe sometime you'll have one somewhere where the airfare won't cost me more than the retreat itself. You know, Florida is VERY nice (hint hint)!

WoolenSails said...

It is wonderful that you all get together and how the families have grown.

I hope you have a wonderful trip and I know you will take lots of photos to share with us.


Nancy said...

What a wonderful idea your group had all those years ago! And it lasted, and lasted. Lovely gathering.

Terry said...

You certainly do have some treasured friends and I'm impressed they paced the sidewalk when you were in the quilt store and didn't "fine" you with KP duty after!!! I sure enjoy your blogs!

Carol said...

What a wonderful group of dear friends, and such a beautiful history and legacy you are weaving with memories of the gatherings through the years!