Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Piece of History in a Wonderful Story Quilt-well done!

I met Marilyn Wall in a class at the John C.Campbell folk school a few years ago and after the class one over she took me to her home in South Carolina on the Lake and it was fabulous-just a slice of heaven. Her friend Ann had her husband cook a fabulous French dinner for my 60th birthday and they gave me a hand carved angel I keep on my window sill to look at everyday.
Anyway, Marilyn is a wonderful artist and does faces like no one else in fabric.
This quilt shows she and her husband Kermit and their children and Grand children marking their 50th wedding anniversary. I think it is the most perfect and wonderful story quilt don'r you? Marilyn you deserve a ribbon for this. And as I always say, this quilt will be here for many many years and in 80 years people will know something special about Marilyn and who she loved and something about her life. This is the value of story quilts. You need to do one about YOU. Check out Marilyn's blog too-her art in on there. Plus a photo of her laughing which she often does and she has a delightful soft southern kind of a laugh. She and her husband are wonderful people.


WoolenSails said...

I love how she did hers, really wonderful memories stitched into it. I do want to make one someday, still thinking on how I would do mine.


Mary Lou Weidman said...

Debbie, get me to Rhode Island and we can start a wonderful and memorable story quilt for you! I will be in Baltimore in November so I would be close...... said...

I'm in the quilt guild with Marilyn Wall and I know her work is always just gorgeous! I love this quilt and it shows just how creative she is. Thanks for sharing it with us! And I am wondering why we have to sign up for facebook or google or anything else to be considered a "follower", Mary Lou, because I am certain many of us read your blog daily and consider ourselves followers just the same. When I signed up for Facebook, the first thing that happened was I started getting phishing emails - I quit Facebook and I regret I ever signed up. I signed up for googly for a special group, and I got two "requests" from complete strangers within minutes. I think these various sites are dangerous and I just don't want to be part of them. Can't you include "the rest of us" anyway? We love you just the same as the "followers" group? You are one of my most favorite quilt artists! Thanks for listening!

Marilyn Wall said...

Thanks for the post on my quilt. I haven't been to your blog in a little while and was wondering if you got my email. It looks pretty good doesn't it?