Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All of these things minus one makes me smile!

This is why I like to be around my Grandkids-they are always happy and happy to be together.

The Eiffel Tower towel was sent to my by my Alaska airline flight attendant friend Susan. Anyone who knows her from my workshops, knows what a kind and fun person she is!She belongs to the "cupcake" group. I think this towel is amazing. It won't see any dishes. :0)

Above are the slippers that Terry from georgia made. These are the warmest, the prettiest and the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn-This was a lovely gift as my Mother used to knit all of us new slipper for Christmas-these took the place of the Christmas slippers and are oh so nice!

I admired Kathy Collin's bag years ago from the Rhode Island School of Design. This year while I was in Atlanta, Kathy gave me my very own beautiful bag to use-these colors are my current favorites-brown and Tiffany blue. Isn't their logo cool???

I love the image of the Eiffel tower and the story. Here on a shelf in my home is a small collection of boxes and things friends have given me. Susan Typpi just sent me the red card in the back and I loved it so I added it to the others. The Tiffany box? It just fits in there I think. Note the color of my wall-Tiffany blue.

Above is a photo of my two Granddaughters who have fun together spending the night here.

I just bought the printing machine above and I am taking it back. I gave up on good prints after five hours of fighting it.......

Above are the PJ's & Candy that Mark got me for Valentine's Day-but that wasn't the best gift......

I wanted a new carryon and this one is bigger than my last one and prettier-he's a great guy!

I loved this seashell idea above the gate to a house in Mel's neighborhood....great idea!

These were cookies in the window of a bakery, I always wonder how old these are-these sure are pretty though-this was in Truckee

I loved this coffee cup in the sidewalk and wondered if I could do a latte cup this summer in my backyard- I love this image and in fabric it sure would be fun!


Sandi said...

Cool Valentine's gifts Mary Lou, what a sweetie of a husband you have.

I like your collection on your mantle.

Great images for quilt inspiration.

Enjoying a lovely sunny day.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Patty said...

Fun stuff in This and That to see! AND! your guy is great at picking out gifts for you! A real keeper!!
You get to use that carry on in the next few days! I look forward to seeing those pictures and your stories later on...Have fun!

WoolenSails said...

It if funny the things we love, some like our children and some unique things that just make us smile.


Em said...

Mary Lou, I love the fun pics of your grandchildren playing at your home. The stickers on the face are definitely hilarious! I love these photos because it means you are most likely not travelling and getting to be with your fam. They are lucky to have you as "Grandma".Mentioned you on a recent wonky star block, I love you!