Saturday, February 27, 2010

Borders and Stories and Color and Friendships......

Above is a quilt by Linda Pederson-the saying she is appliquing is a saying I am doing on a quilt too of my Mother and I. It is "A friend is someone who sings your song to you when you forget."
This quilt is colorful and happy and sentimental.

Above is a quilt by Sandy who can do it all in the way of anything Home Ec. She told us she was a girl Scout for like 12 years...I think she still is. Anyway, the story here is that they went to a carnival or fair and tossed the ping pong ball into the goldfish bowl and won the fish. But they were thousands of miles from home in the East (she lives in California), So when her Grandmother flew out to see them she carried the goldfish bowl on her lap. Sandy had three sisters and one was much younger. Pretty cute! The bowl is on there but I did not get a photo. If someone from class can send me the photo, I will post it here.

Darla did a quilt in a class from me a long time ago at the Flying Geese guild in California. She is making borders and adding alot of bright and pretty flowers to it.

I am showing a group of photos of some of the boards with lovely hoochy mama border blocks. Pretty and fun and gets everyone "Out of the Box."
"If you always do what you have always done, you always get what you've always got." The biggest percentage of the girls did something new. Some people cannot stretch and keep doing the same thing. Try something new and if you want to go back, you always can but at least you learned something new and may have learned in the process.

This is Tina's quilt above. She has her borders on and she is doing her husband and his brother who loved to surf together. His brother has passed away and she wanted to make this for her husband. It is going to be called "the boys of summer." The brother's name was Tim and Tina and her husband named their son Tim. I think it is going to be a wonderful quilt.

Look at the block in the upper right corner go "Kapow!"

These are border blocks with photos of Ann's three young son's and her while they are in their LaCrosse Uniforms. All the boys have nice smile and it is going to be a super fabulous quilt. I drew the picture out for her but didn't get a photo of it. The orange and blue are their school colors. She has ditched the pretty green blocks....I want them. :0)
If anyone has photos from class, please share them so I can post them.

The above blocks are going to be around a quilt about a woman who can do it all (Karen). I am not kidding. The drawing is of a woman in a cute dress and it has antiques all around, books and a barn in the back as she is from a Kansas farm. It is going to be wonderful.

Above is De's quilt about "Winnie" the Winnebego who is now retired. She has her family in the front remembering the years they traveled with Winnie to many wonderful places to make many memories of family together having fun

Here I am with Kathy and we are working on her story for the center of her quilt. She is doing a wonderful quilt about her Mother who always loved to dress pretty and had nice nails, loved the park and pretty dresses. There is a photo in front of me I am drawing from of her. She has on a hat and is really pretty and it is kind of one of those pretty 40's/50's type of photos of her on a park bench. Lovely. Kathy and her sister Judy came together. Great gals!

Sue sent me this photo of all of us, and I think it might be a little better than my camera's photo. Anyway, we have all happy faces here. :0) I think we al had a lovely time. The three ladies that run Empty Spools do a wonderful job and want everyone happy and on a new path of more quilts and memories of new friendships. By the way, my hostess with the mostest was Nancy in front on the left. She comes with her husband who is a quilter also. She is a lovely person and it was fun watching her laugh this week.


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful photos of the quilts and the group.
I do have some fun new materials I want to play with, so need to come up with an idea.


Sandi said...

I love your new sweater, and I have to admit I've not done anything with the hoochy mama blocks I started in your workshop you did many years ago when you came up to Vancouver to visit my guild.

I'm going to bring them to your out of the box retreat in May and build on them.

Sewjoe said...

Wow! Love these quilts and the stories behind them! Thanks for sharing these with us!!!