Friday, February 12, 2010


As many of you know, my Mother died last April 26th. I am still not over it. I found these wonderful Valentines in her things. They are written to her from her friends in Canada that she went to school with. I think they are just charming and it makes me happy to know she kept them as she kept very little in the way of things like this. I hope you enjoy these as Much as I have. Do have a lovely day on Valentine's and if no one tells you "I wish you a lovely day and a lovely year in every thing you do." "For YOU are worth wishing nice things upon."
Close up's

These are most probably from the 1920's. I think the innocence and sweetness of these are wonderful. I would welcome some innocence back into our culture, wouldn't you?

Below, a little closer up. He's driving and she's playing. In our family, he is driving and I am quilting!


WoolenSails said...

Those are wonderful, love the antique designs and pull outs. What a nice treasure to find from your mom.


Patty said...

Mary Lou,
Thank you for your comment on my site! Soon you will have so much green, and beautiful flowers ...
I do LOVE these beautiful valentines! They are so much more special than most we have now...Thank you for sharing some of your mother's treasures. You are truly a compliment
to the way she brought you up. I enjoy your insights and artful encouragements.

Barb said...

Those are just beautiful. My best friend just sent me a really great valentines day card... she's the best.

Sharon S said...

Be still my beating heart! I love your valentines! They are real treasures! We are the women we are today because of our loving mothers. Hugs to you.
Yes, come innocense would be good. Thank you for sharing.

Sandi said...

Happy Valentine's Day Mary Lou,

What a wonderful last Valentine to receive from your mom.

Enjoy them for many years to come.

Thanks for sharing them with us.


Nancy said...

These are sweet. Thanks for sharing them... very special. Isn't it amazing how well the 3-D honeycomb paper parts have held up? Keeping paper things for a long time is not always so easy...the environment takes a toll in drying them out and making them fragile, to say nothing of a pesky silverfish or other varmint looking for a tasty morsel. How did she store these?

Mary Lou Weidman said...

My Mother had the Valentines in a little paper bag that was well worn and they were folded neatly in there in one of her drawers in the bedroom. I doubt they saw the light of day for years. She probably forgot that she had them.