Sunday, February 28, 2010


I always like to say that my most favorite place on earth is Tasuti Zoo. Emily and Mary who own it have wonderful imaginations and they are NICE and fun which counts for plenty. I love giving them my money.

Here Sue and De pose before they buy fabulous purses with stuffed flowers and many other goodies.

Here I catch Emily by surprise as she writes up orders.....and then she strikes a pose!

Below is where the magic is made....wonderful fabrics that would make any quilter sing!

Who could imagine making a band of monkeys and a camel for them to ride on? Can you imagine these in your kids room, your Grandkids room or your studio? I have and I have them here and the other places too!

If I had a broom with a pretty handle, maybe I would sweep more...or not.......

They redo old furniture and I wish I had a Uhaul and a bunch of things for them to redo for my house....this chair is as charming from the front as from the back!

Look at the trim on the bottom of the chair!
Their window is always a ton of fun!

If you go and take a class at Asilomar or just go and visit Pacific Grove, you must put Tasuti Zoo on your list! It is a happy adventure....sure to bring you Out of the Box.


Carol said...

Poor Judy Little Hands!

I hope that she was able to finish her story quilt, in spite of her limitations and problems with tension on her sewing machine!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

is that store in pacific grove?
was there last year, but didn't hit any good stores like that! how fun is that! your blog is so much fun i can't stand it! well, i can can, really! fun fun!

WoolenSails said...

That is definitely a fun store, love the fabrics and the creations they make.


Kathy said...

Exactly where is the store??? I would love to visit and I love all your work Mary Lou, it is so fun!

Mary Lou Weidman said...

OK, if you go to Pacific Grove it is on a side street down from Lighthouse (the mail treet). Look down the streets and you will see a BRIGHT cheddar and purple something on the right side as you look down-That's it. It is across from "Peppers" the Mexican restaurant and right around the corner from Back Porch (the quilt shop)-they can tell you how to get there it is easy. Well worth the trip???

Lynda Milligan said...

Hi Mary Lou,
Great pictures of your time this year at Empty Spools. Nancy and I were there the 2nd week and yes, Tasuti Zoo got some of my money, too. ; )