Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Beauty of Tahoe is just breathtaking!

I know I posted one photo of this already but it is so wonderful with Tahoe Lake behind the snow angels.

I miss the snow here but am glad it is so beautiful in Tahoe....I know many of you are dealing with your own snow problems- we had no snow and I already have ants coming to visit in my is too early in the year to worry about that!

Above Robyn says let's get on the snowmobiles while it is still light!

Mel makes friends with a dog who happens upon us taking photos........
Sharon lives up in the mountain around Tahoe. It is in the middle of nowhere and her log cabin is huge and wonderful. Here is a photo of the icicles outside her window.
Here I am enjoying fresh air and is just wonderful at Lake Tahoe

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gotta get me some friends in Tahoe! throw a few snowballs for me! have fun!