Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I love all images of the 4th of July and I remember well being in Ashville, NC and listening to families at a picnic singing patriotic songs that I was taught as child...this to me is the true spirit of the USA and not all of this disension and politics...I have had three friends lose their homes in the last year and I am sorry to see them so sad....I want to think of our country as strong and good and honest. I am thankful for each family who represents a soldier who fights for us and who works hard and has honor and patriotism. This is what my Father taught me. He had a nervous breakdown in WWII and I will always be thankful for how patriotic he was.
I LOVE this flag that shows all of the states and wonder how a quilt would be done with those states too-embroidered? Pieced or would be pretty outstanding and a family keepsake for sure!
I love things that make me laugh and this filled the bill today! My husband andI laughed at this together-who thinks of these things?
Imagine these blocks all done in shades of red, white and blue and arranged in the shape of the would be pretty wonderful and fun too!
You know how you are in a room full of people and everyone is having fun and someone is there and cranky and negative and difficult? It's because they don't laugh and enjoy life enough....letting go and enjoying other people, the day and the fun of creating is a gift! Hooray, I got the gift of laughter!
These are good examples of what make me laugh!
Speaking of smiles this little boy is my Grandson and he just caught this fish...this makes me smile
My Granddaughter has learned the lesson that being goofy or silly is alot of fun with family....
Today is the 4th of July and I remember many years my family and I spent at the lake- we no longer have our cabin I grew up with nor the trailer my husband and I had when our kids were growing we spent the day in the yard and then had a hamburger and beans. We both remembered times spent around the water and we hope someday we can go back there for the meantime we have our precious memories of our family and our friends and family who are gone...
Look around it is amazing the colors that nature offers us anytime we open our eyes and look around!
Delight in those that are laughing too, even if you don't know them
Enjoy what you enjoy with makes the journey all the more fun! I thought I would end with this advice-try something new, take a class, buy a book, watch someone else who does it different than you do- be positive and then see what wonderful things you come up with! Please visit my other blog for a little more advice too- Mary Lou and Whimsy Too


Carol said...

Good thoughts, ML, both here and the other blog as well. You do a great job of expressing these ideas to ponder. My family gathered here in Texas for swimming and fun outdoors (tho oppressing hot) and brisket with all the trimmings indoors at lunch. Waiting for fireworks to start over the lake. I may work on a few hoochy owls those you posted recently. And as we have an owl family in our neighborhood, I had to try them. I intend to send you a picture later. ~~Carol from the Tulsa workshop

The little book of Nessie said...

Happy 4th July to you Mary Lou! Enjoy reading your blog. Regards, Nessie

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Lovely post...Happy 4th to you and your family.

:) Carolyn

Pinkadot Quilts said...

What a nice post!

Carol said...

Love reading all of your thoughts to ponder while I look at your beautiful photos!

Thanks, Mary Lou, and hope you had a great 4th of July!!

No stray sparks around here, thank goodness!!