Monday, July 16, 2012

Whidbey Island is the perfect place for Cupcakes Reunion....#13

This past week was my group that I have met with for 13 years called the cupcakes...what fun we had together this week!
Here Molly and Susan toast the beginning of a great week!
Here is Laurie's selvage bin all full and ready to be sewn...Molly is also working on selvage projects and the two girls swapped back and forth...we all decided that selvages are better with an inch and a half or two inches of the fabric (color) on them...Below is the ened of the weeks project that Laurie did-she was a whirling durbish of sewing this week!
Laurie made the most delicious salmon for dinner...and a salad of greens and good things from her garden on Lopez Island.
Here Mel quilts a small rendition of the cake in the book "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks"-very fun!
The quilt here is a beautiful star quilt for Eilene's son and daughter in law....and on the right is a bug quilt for my Granddaughter out of the dumb dots from Michael Miller...very fun stuff and my Granddaughter has loved anything that has to do with bugs for four years....
Each girl made a dinner one night and along with their dinner was fairy gifts at each place are darling scissors and a pincushion made of socks that looks like a cupcake...darling!
Laurie makes guacamole with class!
Susan's place setting for her dinner of steak salad...each girl got a different colored hat-so cool!
View from our deck each day!
A quilt for Laurie's future Grandchild (she hopes and so do we)
Molly's dinner much fun...on the back of each chair was a dress that is a clothespin holder...I am putting mine in my laundry room-it is adorable
Fairy gifts
My red hat from Susan
The sun goes down on Whidbey Island
Just to prove I really was there- this is Mel, Me and Laurie on a trip to Port Gamble and the quilt shop....such fun Please read my other blog for happenings and more photos of the week- Mary Lou and Whimsy Too


Patty ♣ said...

WOW! Looks like a PERFECT time together!!!! Darling things you do for each other, the view and food are the top!! What Fun!!

Sandi said...

What great weather you had to enjoy on the island.

Makes us jealous and want to join you all.

Congrats on such a wonderful friendship through the years.

DianeP said...

What a beautiful setting for a fun week of quilt making with good friends! Good friends, good food, good weather and fun sewing... what could be better?!?

You are right - there is always, always, always something to be thankful for - thank you for sharing with us