Monday, July 23, 2012

A Story Quilt for The Summer!

I always love it when I hear back from girls who finsihed their story quilts! I got this letter this week and I think this quilt is fabulous and imagine what a keepsake it will be for many generations to come! I especially like the guy covered in fun! Hi Mary Lou, I took your class in 2011 at Cedar Lakes in May. I finally finished designing and creating the story quilt of our family vacation. It is a combination of 2 vacations... one with one daughter, husband and 5 grandchildren and the other with our other 2 daughters, their husbands and 4 more grandchildren. (Now there are 11). My husband is buried in the sand, the little boy with the boogie board represents all the little boys except Danny who is snorkeling. The little girl making the sand castle represents 3 little girls, the man in my son-in-law's boat represents all sons-in-law and the lady on the beach towel drinking a marguarita represents me and our 3 daughters. Our last name initials are on the boat and the year while FL and OBX on the airplane streamer says where we were. Thanks for a chance to save this memory. Linda Luggen Certified Judge The National Quilting Association, Inc. "Where Tradition Begins and Legacy Continues" What story might you be working on to tell your life's stories...remember this is something you will leave so that others will know who you were and what was important to you.


Bev said...

That's an awesome quilt! You are a fabulous teacher! Very inspiring!

Cheery wave from Bev

Marlynne said...

Love the memory quilts! I am making one now of our child- rearing home and all us in the yard in front of the house. I am bordering the quilt with different cute houses.

deerhollow said...

Mary Lou...For whatever reason, when I signed up for pinterest you were one of those names I got that "matched" my interests. I have been enjoying and repinning your pins ever since. Today I decided to see if you had a blog to "meet" you :) You are such a creative soul! Keep up the beautiful work!
A friend,