Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flower Power and Hoochy FUN in Orofino in June

Here is the gang from Orofino and Clarkston that took my workshop. The country around orofino is just fabulously beautiful and it is no wonder that Lewis and Clark traveled through here. If you live close enough to drive there in a day, you should check out this historic part of our beautiful country. The place and the people are great. If you know someone who likes to fish or hunt or quilt, this is the place.
Here is a quilt that I did with the help of the flower power book.
I designed a buttefly fabric once and this quilt is full of the stuff...I loved how itlooked in easy piecing.
Hollyhocks anyone?
Look at the bug on the flower at the bootm with the bug eyes...isn't he cute?
I am just loving that lime green color lately!
We all had fun with fish before we ran out of time....
This is Kathleen's quilt and isn't the bird on the tree delightful? We discussed perspective and how we can break the rules in the name of creativity and she sure did a great job!
Here I am with Kathleen who took my class at Asilomar ten years ago....I can't believe I have taught for over 25 years!
Here is Sue White's story may remember it from my retreat I held in Post Falls.Sue is an extrememly talented artist who does, clay, colored pencils, painting..everything...and well. Sue was the one to get me to come there and to gather all of the nice people in one spot. It was a nice trip and I drove my husband's truck so I could take anything I wanted instead of worrying about airline charges on everything....
Here is lovely Lynelle who came from Clarkston. She was the lone Clarkston girl and we loved her! Don't you love her flower?
Everyone did well learning the techniques and the concepts and we all had alot of fun too!
Here I am packed and ready for the three hour ride home.... Check out Katie's blog! She took these fun photos....


Sandi said...

Looks like you had a great time in Orofino! Great state to start and finish your month in for retreats.

Everyone looks like they had a great time.

Marlynne said...

Love all the fun blocks! Hopefully your back held up in good shape!