Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OHHH the Weather Outside Is Frightful, and Not at All Delightful,I've got Somewhere to GO, Stop the Snow Stop the Snow, Stop the Snow!

So here I am in Washington State which is basically shut down. I called two business's in Seattle and also called the Washington Tax Commision and they said they are closed because of the
It has been coming down all day long and we are supposed to get between 2 or 3 feet this week. I am flying to LA tomorrow to attend Road to California and I need to get there for photos of quilts to show here! I am sure thwy will be impressed when I tell them this at the airport.

I am always looking and thinking and inventing in my head and my artist is out here so often, she almost never goes back in as I have TOO many good ideas. I have posted some fun photos here and want you to enjoy the artist "Mattie Lou O'Kelly" who did fabulous folk art and not that many people know of her. Since I am trying to get more and more people to do story quilts I like to show her work and give examples of how she tells so much in one painting. This could easily be done with fabric and embroidery which is my new passion....that and free form cutting!
I am teaching alot of longer workshops this year and I hope that you are one of the quilt artists I get to meet. This is such fun and there is so much to say about one's life. Hope these photos inspire you.

I added these two heart blocks to show you something I love to do. The one block has two hearts in it for my husband Mark and I . The other block has three hearts sewn in for my three wonderful children. You could make these kinds of heart blocks to show who and how many you love too! Simple ideas lead to great quilts!


Kathy C said...

Thank you for highlighting Mattie Lou O'Kelley. I think she was referred to as the Grandma Moses of the South. She started painting at age 60. So, it's never too late to bring art (and crafts) into your life!

I don't know if this will show up but here's a link to her obit in the NYT.

And, safe travels ML -- the weather looks awful.

DianeP said...

Ohhh, the snow! Such pretty pictures! Thank you for sharing your snow pictures with us - we don't have any yet.

Love winter scene painting - great little closeups. The little snowmen thread sculptures are so cute! More and more inspiration - thank you so much!

Hope the snow stops in time for you to get to your destination safely.

Marlynne said...

Whow! The snow is pretty to look at but not drive in! Good luck with the airport! Your yarn snowmen are just darling so clever! I have one of Mattie Lou O"Kellys books. I love it! Would be so fun to take one of your classes. I made an "Mom's Art Car" Quilt last fall that I would love to send a picture some time for you to see. Have a great Snowy Day!from Marlynne at

Sandi said...

Great re-writing of a popular song Mary Lou.

Are you familiar with the Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis from Nova Scotia?

Check her works, they are amazing.

Lori said...

BTW, I'm pretty sure airport personel will completly understand the need to get to Road to CA!! I bet everyone else will be using that excuse too!! Good luck ML