Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Feeling like creating? Check some ideas here!

You know how sometimes you have a favorite subject to make? Well, I can't get enough of cats and birds and today my Granddaughter drew me a picture of a cat (which I left at her house) and I have been working on a little quilt from fabric from Timeless Treasures and cats are in it and French fabric is the leaves on the flowers and the clouds are alphabet fabric and you know, my artist came out about a week ago and she is letting me have so much fun! I am getting the border on tomorrow and then will share it once the rick rack is sewn on. This year I am going to have so much fun teaching you new tricks and how to think "artistically."
Speaking of, the secret to art is below by Andy Warhol who I did many papers on in school. He was NOT a good friend but he was a very good artist. Maybe alot of famous artists are that way come to think of it.

I LOVE good photography and this photo below was sent to me by my friend Pam from Camerillo. Many of you know her as she is a fabulous quilter. She quilted many of the quilts in the new book that Mel and I did together. Anyway, isn't this photo beautiful?

You know when you are in the laundry room and you have socks that don't match? How's this for a great idea?

I took this photo of a quilt at one of the quilt shows (maybe Road to California I can't remember) but isn't it wonderful? I would love a quilt with many of these in it...I don't want to do it, I just want it. :0)

The cat quilt is one that I will be teaching on the Panama Cruise-you can get the pattern in the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" Book. Easy, fun and people love it!

Loved the peppers in different colors and this wonderful saying-I can relate though I shouldn't say that....

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