Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Little Time and Timeless treasures Fabric Leads to a Sweet Memory Quilt

This bird above is my new signature in my quilts...I have been putting him in everything-he makes me happy-he is my bird of happiness
After Market I received a box of Timeless Treasures Fabrics. It was especially welcome because they had wonderful colors and even more important the hand or feel of the fabric (cotton) was NOT whimpy as it has been with other companies. I felt the fabric and it had a nice solid feel to sew with. I started four projects immediately and am finishing up all of them this week. The quilt pictured here will look far different soon once it is quilted and bound and embellished...I cannot wait. I have already made changes to the faces of the girls here. It is such a sweet story about my daughter when she was five and her best friend and how they sat outside all day selling lemonade and how thrilled they were with "dollars!"-they looked very much alike and today they are in their 30's and still giggle when they are together just like before. A nice blessing-friendships that last.

It was fun taking some fabric from Timeless Treasures that was French for leaves and it made it far more interesting. The clouds in the sky are script and I love those clouds with the lights and darks of different fonts and play with black and white...I would LOVE a bolt of that stuff for backgrounds and faces and dresses and trees (colored with textile paint).
Don't you love the colors they provide with their tone on tones? SO much fun to work with! Wait until you see my flowers and cats!
I hope to meet you this year in one of my workshops as I travel. I have many new ideas and things to show you how to bring out your inner artist to play! YOU have some great stories to tell in quilts and I want to help and encourage you!


Michele Bilyeu said...

Fabulous quilt and what fun and great fabrics! Love the little red bird of happiness is so much more you than being blue ;)

Carole Kurth said...

Hi Mary Lou,
What a great addition to the color of the quilt--the script print helps it 'POP'--and it's a great surprise for the eye. I love coming to your blogs; it's like a big 'Hug' from you--the Color, the positive quotes, the funny jokes and cartoons...the Heart.

I hope I get to take another class from you soon, but in the meantime, thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a Great Day!

Marlynne said...

Love the colors of the Timless Treasures1 Lucky You. Neat bottle tree Arbour. I use bottles alot of different ways and will have to try this one too1 Thanks for the idea!