Monday, January 23, 2012

Images to Make You Think And Inspire Your Inner Artist

The beautiful quilt above was made by Sue Cresse. My friend who I met while she took many classes at Asilomar and other places. She inspires me. This quilt won first place and it is covered with crystals and lovely details. Sue and her friend De got into a car crash in Sept, that nearly killed both of them. De broke her neck and Sue broke most of her ribs, her arm in many places, crushed her hand, punctered her lung etc. She is still healing. The loevly thing is she is planning new quilts and what she wants to make next! That has to be healing. Many of us have prayed for her and that her inner artist gets some rest and comes out raring to go!

This girl was photographed when I taught in Galveston last year...I think she would make a lovely quilt! BUT, she needs a bit more color.....

I have two new favorite subjects....farms and farm people and trees. I thought this photo was cool and the following one is a great beginning to your own Tree of Life

The photo to the left came from my files. I am cleaning them out bit by bit and I thought these were very cute and might inspire you to make something very fun! Don't copy it, do your own version.Stay tuned for quilt photos from Road to Calfornia. Please check out my other blog as well. Google "Mary Lou and Whimsy Too"


Patty ♣ said...

Oh, I have thought of your friend Sue,and her friend De, so many times and wondered how they were doing. God Bless them. Sue is so talented and I do look forward to seeing more of her quilts.

DianeP said...

Thank you, Mary Lou, for your inspiration today. I can always count on your websites to cheer me up or put my mind on the right path.

After a disappointing retreat, [WAAAY too much noise, one-up-womanship (by nuns!)and show-offs], I'm happy to read about quilting groups that get together and have fun.

Wish you were coming to the East Coast so we could come too.

Carole Kurth said...

I'm so glad De and Sue are mending--what an awful event. It shows the power of our imaginations, and love of quilting; encouraging her toward healing. A couple of times when I've been on the mend after surgery, that's been the one 'carrot' out there, which was a benchmark in the healing--getting back in the studio, no energy, just to make a simple quilt from a couple pieces of fabric. So theraputic!

Stay warm and dry, Mary Lou!

Sandi said...

Love the birds, they look like they are speaking with each other.

Can't wait to hear and see what you found out at the Road to California~