Friday, September 09, 2011

Galveston Quilt Show and My Time with Peggy Baldwin enjoying the quilts

This quilt was one that a friend of Peggy Baldwin's did...and she called Peggy to say her dog "ate it." Peggy finished it and gave it back to her....isn't it funny?
These photos show the Galveston quilt show and the many story quilts. There are quilts there from myself and other quilters and the majority are Peggy Baldwin's work. The show goes until Sept. 30th. Sandy Fisher's daughter's six year old birthday party quilt is there as is Sue Cresse's Mom's quilt (in the bath tub). I love both of those. The room is huge and well lit and it is colorful and happy and a nice experience. Hope you get to see them too and see the beauty of Galveston.

Peggy did a great quilt that I loved about Hurricane Ike and here is a photo of she and her Mother and then the image of her Mother whirling through the storm of Ike in the quilt. Fun and a memory of a time with a date for the future...thnk of storms many years ago, wouldn't you love to own a quilt that was done about that storm? I would!

Julie Quilt Diva took a workshop from me at John C.Campbell and this is one of my all time most favorite plaid quilts! The class is called "Plaid to Meet you." Lots of fun and really gets your imagination and ideas going.

Peggy did a quilt about getting her Christmas photos taken with her Mom. I thought this was my favorite quilt because it shows how you try to look good and to get animals to sit and look good too but they are squirmy and have a mind of their own. The last little frame, the photo is taken and perfect. Maybe you can relate to this.

Here is a photo of Peggy Baldwin, myself and her quilter (I am having a senior moment and forget her name-she is darling and so nice) and I at Peggy's story quilt show in Galveston at the historical Museum there.
We are standing in front of my hippie quilt.


Rebecka said...

What a great quilt show in Galveston. It looks like it would be a fun place to vacation!!

Mary said...

What a great show. I love all the quilts. They are an inspiration too.What fun.