Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Color at the Cupcakes 12th retreat on Whidbey Island plus a LINK FOR THOSE DIET PLATES

I thought you might like to see some of the photos I took of the cupcake girls at Whidbey Island. We rented a huge mansion (no kidding) and sewed up a storm. I got new ideas for fabric if I ever do another line (we'll see if there are any takers).
The quilt you see in this blog belongs to Eilene who did a baby quilt for her neice. Darling. I ended this with three of my cow quilts from the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book. I am hooked! You also see the pretty views, the food and the drink that Susan made for us. It was a "bluetini". Mel started some blue/purple strata after drinking this and it became an alphabet! I know the drink had blueberry vodka, lime juice, blueberries and maybe some Sprite.....I am not a drink maker and rarely drink anything other than wine now and again. This drink was fabulous and you didn't know there was any liquor in it....just how I like it. Mount Baker is a beautiful Mountain and you can see what a lovely view we had. :0) We all got alot done and each of us made something for a meal and we did some shopping and some visiting like we always do and now we are looking for our venue for next year. Fun! Did you notice the darling close up's of Liz's canning quilt? Wonderful story quilt!
My blog will not let me see the photos to comment on so you have to guess what is what. This makes this posting kind of like a game. Next year will be our 13th year.

And for those of you who have asked if I ever teach at Sister's, I don't because they will not ask me. Long ago I taught there a couple of times. It isn't that I have anything against that area of Oregon as was suggested, silly. Who doesn't love it there? Teachers go where they are asked, they don't choose...though we all wish we could. :0) Now you know.


Donna Avila said...

What a true blessing to not only have such a great group of friends but to be able to stay at such a wonderful place and SEW all week long! I have had the privalege to meet some of your friends and they are wonderful gals. You are truly blessed Mary Lou Weidman! Donna

Anonymous said...

great post,whow

Sandi said...

Great photos, great food, great quilts, great time had by all.

Wish I was there!